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Evolved Mommy | April 24, 2018

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Day 8 of 31 is 6 - Evolved Mommy

by Sister72

Currently I’m working a program to improve my blog with a small group of about 600 other women. You know, intimate.

The program is “31 Days to Build a Better Blog” by Darren Rowse (#31DBBB on Twitter). The group I’m doing it with is the SITS (Secrets In the Sauce) Girls. We do the assigned tasks for the day and then discuss on BlogFrog.

So far it has been quite helpful. The only frustration has been being behind. The challenge was set to start last Monday. I signed up, bought Darren’s ebook and then my grandmother passed away.

So of course I jumped in the car and raced to my mother’s house three hours away. And there I sat. Like a bump on a log. For six days. In those six days family came over, we had a visitation and a funeral, my husband came down when he could get away from work, but mostly I had that “hurry up and wait” sensation that I HATE. And in the back of my mind was this #31DBBB project that I had been so excited about.

I was watching the twitter stream and starting to panic. This was no light-weight task. Each day seemed to be full of assignments and readings, some of which sounded way out of my comfort zone.

The longer I sat and didn’t do anything the more my inner voice started to say things like, “You’re not on that level” or “You still have so much to do before you can even start.”

by Queen Neveen

Since I recognize that voice (I may or may not have named her Tiffany) I was able to get right down to business when I got home. So here I am on Day 8 working on Day 6. My plan is to be caught up within the next two days.  If it doesn’t happen that’s okay. If I stay two or more days behind, OH WELL. Life goes on. At least I’m doing it and getting something (actually quite a lot) out of it.

Hopefully at the end of 31 days (however long that actually takes) you’ll look at my blog and think, “It is better.”