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Evolved Mommy | May 22, 2018

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5 Fitness Apps That Keep You Moving & Motivated - Evolved Mommy

True story: Charlie (my three year old) and I were sitting in the floor in the den playing w/ toy food when she started telling me all of the magnificent things she is going to do when she is a mommy.

“I going to make supper with mac ‘n cheese and oranges and turkey.

And I going to go work with my computer.

And I going to get a big bottom.”

Wait… what?

Oh no! She thinks that when you grow up you get fat. Because that’s how things work. Not. Okay.

I have to set a better example for this girl. We don’t just get fat because we grow up. We get fat because we eat junk and don’t move enough.

So let’s get started. Fall is a great time to begin a workout program because it isn’t hot. It isn’t cold. The weather is just right, and why not get a jump start on the holidays.

Thanks to Charlie’s declaration and the onset of nicer weather I’m bringing you Fitness Week on Evolved Mommy. To kick it off, let’s start with the 5 essential Fitness Apps for your smart phone that will keep you moving and motivated.


Sworkit Fitness app for android and iphone1. Sworkit

Price: $0.99

Devices: Apple & Android

Guided workouts. You set the amount of time you have and which body area you’d like to work. You can select “full body” for a thorough strength training session. All exercises can be done at home.

I like that this app helps me get a well-rounded workout, and I don’t have to be a gym rat. It’s great for those of us who have NO aspirations to ever be a fitness trainer.


Runkeeper Pro app badge2. Runkeeper Pro

Price: Free

Devices: Apple & Android

Don’t let the name deceive you. Just about every type of cardio can be tracked in this app, including my beloved elliptical. You can set long-term goals, choose training programs like “running for fat loss” or “65 minute 10k” among many others, and watch your pace/distance progress over time.


Ease into 5k c25k app3. Ease into 5k (formerly C25k)

Price: $2.99

Devices: Apple, Android, Kindle

Want to run? Do this. I was not a runner until a did a running clinic in Little Rock 8 pre-iPhone years ago that was based on this same model. When I go for long stretches without running I always come back to this app. There are others. They might be just as good, but this one works.

Once you’ve achieved your lifelong dream of running a 5k, get their Bridge to 10k app and keep going.


Nike training club app4. Nike Training

Price: Free

Devices: Apple

This app is so dynamic it’s kind of my favorite right now. As added motivation when you achieve certain milestones you unlock rewards like celebrity workouts from Shawn Johnson, Maria Sharapova and others. This app is similar to Sworkit in that you get guided workout sessions, but it’s formatted differently and the images are pretty, yet gritty. I dig grit right now. If you don’t want to look at hot fitness models with rock hard bodies, use Sworkit. I go back and forth depending on my mood.


Don't Break the Chain motivational productivity app5. Don’t Break the Chain

Price: Free

Devices: Apple

This is a simple motivational tool. It’s a calendar based on Jerry Seinfeld’s writing system. He had a basic calendar and marked each day that he completed his writing task with a red “x”. The expanding chain of red x’s encouraged him to keep going toward his goals. Powerful, yet simple. Read what Lifehacker had to say about “Don’t Break the Chain” here.


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What apps do you use to keep moving? 

I’m obviously always on track with my workouts, but these tools do help, especially now that I’m motivated to not have a “big bottom”.