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Evolved Mommy | October 20, 2019

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9 Need to Know Cruise Tech Tips for a Stress Free Vacation

9 Need to Know Cruise Tech Tips for a Stress Free Vacation
Stephanie Funk

Here’s a hint: For those of us who need to be physically forced to disconnect from the world, a cruise is the perfect vacation. That said, there are few cruise tech tips you need to know before sailing away into Caribbean bliss.

As soon as we arrived back at the Ft. Lauderdale airport from our 8-day Carnival Freedom vacation (Thank you, btw, Carnival!) my laptop was out. Literally, I couldn’t get it out of my bag fast enough. It’s not that I couldn’t connect on the ship… I could, and Carnival was very generous with Wi-Fi because this was a press trip. It’s that it was a big pain in the arse. Turns out offline time is exactly what I needed, though. If it was difficult to connect then any problems would just have to wait. As far as I can tell, the sun still rises each morning and sets each night. Odd.

9 Need to Know Tech Tips for a Stress Free Cruise

1. Plan to disconnect 

SECRET TIP: Some ports have free Wi-Fi, but don’t be the gaggle of people who were sitting on the curb in gorgeous Curacao checking Facebook. You’re in a place you may never get to see again and you only have a few hours there. See all the things!

Wi-Fi on the ship is craaaaazy expensive: $150 for 500 minutes, and if you don’t remember to logout after checking Facebook you could run through your minutes without realizing or enjoying it. Shut it down!

IMG 5951 carnival freedom Facetime

Facetime with Nana and the dogs from Curacao

2. Rent the underwater HD camera instead of buying a GoPro

WHY? Because it’s $29 / day or $59 / week on Carnival vs. $299 or $399 for the GoPro and LOOK AT THESE PICTURES…


3. Bring a power strip or use your laptop as a hub

Our very swanky balcony stateroom had one outlet. One. Have you ever??? Well, it is a ship after all, so bring a small power strip or use the USB ports on your laptop (if you even bring it).

4. Bring your DSLR

It’s bulky. We get that, but there’s just so much colorful gorgeousness begging to be photographed in high quality. BUT… take smartphone pics, too, so you can Instagram and Facebook. This is how your family back home knows you’re still alive.


5. Designate a “charger bag”

This works for any trip and is such stress reducer. Just take a dopp kit or makeup bag and use it strictly for smartphone chargers, camera chargers, and laptop cords.

6. Snap the details

Of course, the landscape is at times un-freaking-believable, but so are the tiny details. Be sure to mix up your vaca cruise pics with the small beauty along the way.


7. Set your auto-responder

Three days into 10 travel days I realized I had not set up an auto-responder on my work email address. As a newly-funded startup launching into major campaigns (okay, maybe this trip was poorly timed), my clients need to know I haven’t just closed up shop and headed out to sea. Luckily I was able to set it all up via mobile, redirecting everyone to the awesome power duo: Jen & Shelby.

8. Waterproof activity tracker

If you’re a fan of Fitbit, Nike Fuel band, or the Shine WEAR IT because you’ll want to see these numbers! Even without a morning run, you’ll probably hit your step goal just from walking around the ship and ports. I wear a MisFit Shine (on my right writst below), which is waterproof and pretty decent to look at.

9. Let the little ones take pictures

Aren’t you curious what a 4-year-old finds interesting? Hand them your smartphone (supervised… seriously) and let them take some snaps. They’ll take way too many. Delete most of them and keep the most interesting.


What’s your best savvy cruising tip?

Please share it in the comments below.