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Evolved Mommy | July 22, 2019

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Nine Reasons Why Every Mommy Blogger Needs an iPhone 4 - Evolved Mommy

Nine Reasons Why Every Mommy Blogger Needs an iPhone 4

If you think you don’t need the new iPhone 4 you are WRONG. Now, my definition of a “need” might be a little skewed, but who cares.

Also, if you married a geek (like I did), move along. You’ve already got the iPhone4.

For the rest of you, here are your arguing points girls:

  1. One Item to Replace Three: If you’re like me you carry (in your ginormous diaper bag) a smart phone (iPhone 3G until this week), a digital camera (mine was a Canon) and a Flip HD video camera. The camera on the new iPhone 4 is actually better quality IMO than either of the latter devices. It’s HD and has a flash. You can even take pictures from the front or back of the camera, which means self-portraits are a bagillion times easier.
  2. iMovie: You can now edit video right on your phone. Then upload it and go.
  3. FaceTime: Okay, this has nothing to do with blogging, but everything to do with mommy-ing. Yesterday my husband was having a crap-tastic day at work. To lift his spirits I called him on FaceTime and showed him our so-stinkin-cute little baby girl taking a nap. She woke up and screeched with excitement when she saw his face. Worth every penny.

    FaceTime with Daddy

  4. Multi-tasking: This is a new function of the 4 that lets you move more quickly between apps. It doesn’t seem like a big deal until you use it and realize how much (perceived) time it saves. To do this just double-click the “home” button any time.
  5. WordPress iPhone App: This one isn’t specific to the 4, but it makes blogging instantly so much easier. You can draft a post, publish a post and manage comments right from your phone. Good times.
  6. Tethering: Away from wireless and need to get online with your laptop to post a blog? No problem. Just sign up through AT&T. You don’t even have to hook your phone to your laptop. To do this just log into your AT&T account > Go to “My Services” along the top nav bar > Click “Features” on the left side bar > Scroll down to “Web, Text & More” and change your data plan to “Data Plan Plus Tethering”.

    AT&T Data Plan Options Include Tethering

  7. Research: If you are writing on your laptop, which I’m sure everyone still prefers, you can use your super fast, crystal clear iPhone to do your research. That way you don’t have to leave your current window to look something up.
  8. Entertainment: The screen is ridiculously clear, which makes Tetris even more fun.
  9. Folders: This is on the new iOS, so it’s not specific to the 4, but it makes moms less crazy and less like to hurt people. It just does.