Reviews – Evolved Mommy

Reviews for Evolved Mommy from other popular and respected bloggers around the internet.

“EvolvedMommy is exceptionally appealing.  There is something about the blog that just reaches out and pulls you in as though you’re chatting with a close (albeit très chic and witty) friend.  Expect a fantastic breadth of topics with astonishing depth and well-written posts.  This isn’t mommy blogging – it’s as though someone much smarter, more pulled-together and well-dressed took all of the random thoughts in your brain and organized them into a helpful guidebook for your own life.” – Bethany,

“Stephanie McCratic’s honest voice is compelling. You really feel like you get to know her.” – RedPiggyPress | Who’s Your Favorite Parent Blogger

“The evolvedmommy blog is both professional yet personal; instructive yet thoughtful; uncluttered yet jammed packed.” – Lyndi,

“I met Steph at a blogger meet up and was immediately struck by her forthright attitude and tenacity.  She is the blogger extraordinaire… She is, I found out, a genuine human being and a” – – Jasmine,