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Evolved Mommy | April 25, 2018

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I have an idea... - Evolved Mommy

I have an idea…
Stephanie McCratic

So there’s something knocking around in my head and keeping me up at night. It’s an idea. But more than that… this idea has legs. In fact, what started as a tiny little snowball in my hands is now an ever-growing ball of snow speeding down a hill with me running behind it trying to keep up.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart, so there have been tons of “ideas” pass between these ears, but something is very different about this one. Other people are listening, and leaning in to hear more when I talk about it, and asking “What do you need to make this work?”

What do I need? Let me give you a list.

But first let me bust out my College Algebra book because I’ve got an algorithm to adjust. See that picture above? That’s command central at my house over the weekend where my husband and I vetted out some of the tactical bits of execution. And where I did math. Lots of math.

These are exciting times thanks to the Internet. Our kids will look back and study us. Who knows what this period of change will be called, but the whole state of commerce, content & consumption has been disrupted in mind-blowing good and innovative ways, as well as frustratingly frightening ways. Access to opportunities is everywhere. The Internet feels like the Wild West. Some will find gold, others will die on the journey.

While I’m not ready to tell you exactly what I’m up to, I am ready to admit that I’m up to something. And hopefully that something looks more like gold than a Donner Party expedition.

Do you have entrepreneurial tendencies? What do you need to make your ideas real?




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