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Evolved Mommy | December 19, 2018

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Work at Home Mom can't Work at Home - Evolved Mommy

Lately I’ve been freelancing for a friend who is a much bigger deal than I am. My job is primarily to help organize her site so that it is more reader and search friendly. Fancy people call this SEO or Search Engine Optimization. I call it organization and I LOVE IT. Something about my innermost being loves to organize things, particularly other people’s things.

This same part of my soul loves to purge. My husband calls me a shopping bulimic because I binge (shop compulsively) followed immediately by a purge (sell older stuff on eBay, Craigslist, etc.). Turns out this habit is nearly as unhealthy as normal Bulimea nervosa and probably stems from some of the same emotional/mental crap.  Anyhow, I love to PURGE! It makes me feel lovely to get rid of stuff and there are very few things I regret purging. The DSLR camera comes to mind. I miss that thing. Didn’t know how to work it, yet it took some amazing pictures.

Organizing and purging make me happy.

So this work soothes my personality/inner being/core/soul. It is important as a SAHM mom to find something that keeps my college graduate brain alive. Plus, we are barely able to afford for me to stay home with Charlie, so this brings in some income.

Here’s the problem: I can’t work at home. There’s a baby there and laundry and toys to pick up and dogs that want out and dishes in the sink and dirty carpet.

Thanks to a miracle woman, whom I refer to as my mother-in-law, I get free childcare twice a week. Believe me, I do not take this for granted.

While I could use this time for a tantrum-free trip to the grocery store or to have my toe nails painted or to clean house or sleep, I use it to work. But I cannot work at home, so I go to this local coffee shop (well, nothing is local to me because I live in the middle of freakin’ nowhere, but it is within a 20 minute drive) called Arsagas. If you are in my area, I think you should know that you WILL NOT find a better coffee shop here. The employees are conversational without being weird and they are very friends. The people hanging out here generally do not smell of patchioulli and they usually offer a friendly smile or nod. Warm fuzzies all around!

The best part about Arsagas is that I can focus here. That’s all that I was really after, but it’s nice to have the other perks, too. Oh, and the food is delicious. The coffee is better than most. Right now they have a Pumpkin Spice latte that is better than Starbucks’.

I do need to find more work if we want to move out of the town I hate, but I’m not sure yet how that’s going to happen. If you’re reading this thinking don’t you get paid to blog, um..NO! And no, I don’t make squat from the ads on my page. It takes a lot of work to make money and I’m not that committed.

I’d like to take this moment to thank God for WiFi and Arsaga’s.

To be continued… (back to work)