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Evolved Mommy | October 20, 2019

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Your Baby Can Read!

December 1, 2013 |

Well maybe not, but with Netflix and a whole slurry of books that have been made into movies, they can be exposed to the wonders of reading long before combinations of letters on pages ever make sense to them. We … Read More

Netflix helps you get the bullying conversation started with suggested titles

October 27, 2013 | | 5 Comments

Hey You! Yeah, You! You may be unaware of this, but October is National Bullying Awareness Month, and we’re going to talk about it while I spend your lunch money.

The idea of bullying is nothing new, but the level … Read More

Favorite: Tempo Calendar App

May 29, 2013 | | One Comment

It’s been a while now since I first heard of the much-buzzed-about new Tempo Calendar App.  It’s one of many new iOS calendar apps (calendar and weather apps are the new hot items) vying for their stake in the almighty … Read More

Holiday Gift Guide: For Kids

December 8, 2012 |

What’s the “hot” new toy this year? What is the “Tickle Me Elmo” of 2012?  Who knows?  That sort of toy desire or Elmo-envy has fallen off sharply every year. In fact, this year most of the people that you ask couldn’t tell you.  Heck, I don’t know, and we have a three year old.  I do know what she wants, and if you watch any children’s programming you know that the marketers of Pop the Pig, Dream Lights and Stompeez have done their homework on how to market to kids.   Read More