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Evolved Mommy | September 17, 2019

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My love affair with Little Rock: Validated by data - Evolved Mommy

Little Rock River Market Sign

Photo of the Little Rock River Market sign courtesy of Steve Snodgrass (c)

One thing that really frustrates me is that when I mention I’m from Little Rock I usually get a look of disgust from whomever I’m talking to.

Now, not being from Northwest Arkansas I don’t really know what has led to this loathing, but if it’s an early 90’s HBO documentary about gangs GET OVER IT. That was a bunch of white kid wannabes.

My suspicion is this unwanted response is a combination of bad rumors and visits to friends who live in crappy neighborhoods (not that I judge).

Because of the response I typically get I’m on a personal mission to share what is beautiful about Little Rock.

My friend Shelby recently wrote and article for Sync Weekly called “The Allure of Little Rock” and gave the following profound information:

Little Rock has earned numerous national accolades in 2011. Is it a surprise that so many people come back after leaving?

Forbes has Little Rock second among America’s top 10 “Least Toxic Cities.”

Gallup ranked Little Rock as America’s “Sixth Happiest City.”

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine listed Little Rock at No. 7 in the top 10 “Best Value Cities” in America.

24/7 Wall St. put Little Rock fourth on a list of “American Cities with the Fastest Green Jobs Growth.”

Forbes named Little Rock one of the top 15 “America’s Best Cities for Young Adults.”

Thanks for sharing these beautiful accolades, Shelby!

NWA friends, please stop hating on my beautiful hometown.