Kindle Fire HD Beats iPad As the Best Tablet for Kids

I know tech, so surely I know the best tablet for kids. Or so I thought until one night a couple of weeks ago when I was relaxing on the couch after a long, brain-taxing day at work.

I handed my 4-year-old her iPad, thinking she would go straight to Netflix and watch Pound Puppies (her current favorite).

Instead…Panic! I looked over to see she had clicked on YouTube looking for the funny cat videos she and her Nana watch together.


Do you know what kind of videos can come up in the suggested viewing area when you start down the “cute kitties” route? (If you need help understanding this one, ask your husband or s/o)

As a tech-loving mama, I want her to be completely comfortable with a tablet. I want her to be curious and able to engage.

amazon fire vs ipad for child
Color with your fingers…

You can get the Kindle Fire HD right HERE on Amazon!.

These Benefits of Tablets for Kids Is Available to You Right Now

Why would you even want to buy a tablet for your kid? Well, there are a lot of reasons!

Some parents resent the thought of buying tablets for kids. And they’re mostly right.

Because, unless they’re monitored, children can spend an ungodly amount of time with this gadget, especially when they’re connected online.

But just like other kid’s toys, monitoring can reduce this con, significantly.

And if you’re reading this, you’re already interested in getting one for your child.

Let’s look at some of the advantages:

1. They can serve as a great learning platform.

This is probably the most important benefit that comes with a tab.

When you select a tablet that’s portable, lightweight, and comes with long battery life, your child can turn it into a learning companion.

There are dozens of apps that can make learning easy on the device too. While it cannot replace reading from a physical book, it provides that convenience that you can’t get from books.

This is even more pronounced during traveling where a kid can read several books in one sitting, all on a single device.

That’s a great advantage.

2. Easier to use than traditional laptops.

I remember when we were still young. Our parents will get a big computer for us and we’ll learn to type on it too.

But once we’re out of the house, the fun ends.

No taking the computer with you.

But now, a tablet can go anywhere with your child.

They don’t even need to learn touch typing to successfully use it. It’s that great.

And for those that might want to argue in support of computers, the capability of this device can be extended by tons of applications or ‘apps’.

3. It offers the benefit of practicing lots of reading.

Another offshoot of the first point. Remember a good reader is a future literate.

When children cultivate the habit of constantly reading from a young age, they soak in lots of knowledge that’ll not only help them when they get to college but also help them understand life and navigate through it.

Yes, you’ll still have to monitor them to ensure they’re reading the right books.

But just teaching them how to immerse themselves in good books is a great help for them.

Amazon Fire vs iPad for Child

As an Apple product whore, I want the iPad to be her friend. Her safe, fun-loving friend. Until recently the iPad has been her go-to tech gadget.

We handed her my 1st generation iPad when she was just two years old.

She plays a few games, colors and watches Netflix, but it has always seemed to me that it was just too easy for her to delete an app accidentally or get into something she shouldn’t without even realizing it.

It’s also been frustratingly difficult to find the apps and ebooks designed for kids her age. Admittedly, the latest iOS 7 update does make this a bit easier in the app store.

But still. Why has it taken Apple this long? And the system still isn’t entirely kid-friendly. She can’t search on her own.

The child knows how to FaceTime on her own. Funny, yes. Cute, yes. And more than slightly terrifying? Indeed.

I’ve reviewed other tablets for her: The LeapPad, Nabi, etc.

Nabi 2 vs. Meep vs. iPad

Yet, the Kindle Fire hadn’t been on my radar, until now. Recently Dot Complicated sent me a Kindle Fire HD and I played with it a bit and then discovered a surprise…

Why We love FreeTime

  • FreeTime is like a parent-controlled, kid-friendly operating system.
  • Completely ad-free
  • No opportunity to make purchases
  • Parents can set time limits on various options. For example, you can set a 2-hour limit on videos and games, but make reading unlimited.
  • Separate profiles for each kid
  • PRE-LOADED with tons and tons of content (books, games, shows, etc) based on the age of your child if you subscribe to the monthly service ($4.99/month)
  • It’s a useful device, just like a baby monitor or any other good product for baby
  • A password is required to exit the FreeTime app

Why We Love Kindle Fire

The Amazon Kindle Fire comes with lots of features and benefits. Not even all of that can be covered here. But since we’re talking about buying a tab for a kid, here are some nice features you can enjoy:

Big Storage Space

The Kindle comes with a humongous storage space to store all files. You get free unlimited cloud storage space from Amazon’s secure servers. Here, you can store all photos, compatible apps, and similar content, safely.

A Nice 7-inch IPS Display

We all want to get a great viewing experience and enjoy the digital life. This tab doesn’t disappoint. Between clear images, a crisp display, and a smooth interface, your kid gets immersed and surfing conveniently.

2MP Rear-facing Camera

Want to catch the sweet moments of life and save those exciting experiences? Do it through this.

While it can’t compete with what you might get on a smartphone, taking photos or recording HD videos through it is very possible.

Have distance families? Then do video calls through Skype and close the gap.

Comes with Alexa

Who doesn’t use personal assistance nowadays? Get in on the bandwagon. It comes pre-installed and great for getting the news or weather condition or controlling a smartphone…and a lot more.

You can get the Kindle Fire HD right HERE on Amazon!.

Kindle FreeTime Time Controls

Time controls in FreeTime

I honestly believe the Kindle Fire HD with FreeTime is hands down the best tablet choice for kids. It’s one of those things that seems so obvious, I’m a little irritated Apple doesn’t have a similar option.

And, the ultimate proof: my daughter asks for the Kindle. She’s nearly forgotten her iPad exists.

To her, it’s a wonderland of games, videos, and books that she can explore and understand by herself.

The only thing I can complain about is that both of us have a hard time remembering where the “on” button is. (FYI, it’s on the top and blends right in with the shell of the thing)

What do you think about handing a preschooler a tablet with free reign? I want to hear all the opinions. If you’re not into I get that and I respect it.

Share your opinion with other moms and dads who are considering giving the littles an iPad, Nabi, Kindle or other gadgets.

So, if you land on this page, looking for a good article that helps clear the cloud on amazon fire vs ipad for child, then here is it.


  1. Thank you for the info. We are considering getting our daughter a kindle fire for her main Christmas gift. She is learning to read and only recently realized that mommy reads books on her phone instead of playing games. We want her to enjoy books on an electronic devices and get use to the feel as she proceeds through school. We took the youtube app off of our ipads,pods,phones for the same reason. I wish there was a parental control on the apple devices. We have all kinds of educational apps, but they gravitate to the mindlessness of Netflix (which definitely has it’s place.) This info was really helpful.

      1. Guided access. You can control a significant amount of the same access now on iOS that you couldn’t in the past. You can put them into something like YouTube kids, curate the videos for them and lock them into the app with a time limit, volume limit, limited content. It’s pretty awesome.

  2. I have to agree with this. We have both, a kindle fire hd and an ipad mini. I love the ipad mini, there are some great apps that I use for work and my own enjoyment but I feel like the kindle free time feature is much better for the kids. You get access to so many apps, books, and videos that are educational and fun. And the price of the kindle is awesome, plus the cost for free time is cheap. My 2 kids fight over the kindle and the ipad just lays there on the floor. So I plan on buying another kindle very soon unless apple comes up with a similar feature on the newest ipad.

  3. I’m thinking about these for Christmas for my kids. The suggested age on Amazons site is 24 mos to 18 years, but I realize they want you to buy this. I think it will be great for my six year old but I want to make sure that it’s not too “babyish ” for my 8, almost 9 year old. Also, I’ve only seen it with 8gb…is this enough? And an you still have netflix,Minecraft etc on it? We already pay for a netflix subscription. Like you, I only have apple devices and the kindle thing will be new for us. Unlike you, I’m not tech savvy.

  4. We are personally not letting our kids have tablets for now – mostly because we’re concerned about the impact of “screen time” on their developing eyes. But yes, partly b/c of all the dangers that come with the technology… I am glad you shared this b/c I don’t plan to have them be computer free FOREVER! So when I feel the time is right, I am going to go for the Kindle Fire…. who knows, by the time THAT day comes, it might be even awesome-er!

  5. FreeTime is deeply flawed. We got a kindle fire for our 10 year old son. The app doesn’t recognize everything educational as a qualified app. Most are for small children. You cannot designate certain websites as counting towards educational goals.

  6. My question ? My child is in 3rd grade and we have found this awesome app Splash Math, and another about anatomy. Are those on the kindle. Are there really fun and educational apps on there. If this is possible I love all the features of the kindle for kids. Setting time limits and is way more protected. We plan on setting him up a Amazon account and load the gift cards on it with myself having the password to. This would be my advise to other parents.

  7. I am looking into buying 3 tablets for my grandchildren. The kindle fire kids edition has my vote so far, but I have a few questions. Can the cameras be accessed with freetime? They love to take selfies and videos. Can I purchase and app, game, book,…and have it sent to all 3 tablets? Do we need wifi to run apps or just to download them? We all live in the country where it isn’t worth having Internet because it’s so slow so I am hoping we can go to town and download apps for them to play at home. Thank you for any help you can provide me!

  8. Yes the camera is open to the kids, all app on your account can used on any android device even 3 at a time. WIfI being needed is depended on the app. Most kids games don’t but if it has a Facebook connection it might. If you get the kids edition it will only have 8 gigs which can fill up fast, i would suggest getting an sd card with it. I’d also note that in kids mode has no access to music apps..

  9. I was going to get a tablet for my 3/12 year old grandson for Christmas. Is he too young? Also, my son is worried that the electronics will be so easy that my grandson won’t learn to love books!

  10. Having just bought the Fire kids edition with Freetime for my kids for Christmas, I can say that it is not good for homes with slow connections, and not user friendly. Log in one child and choose some apps to download. 2 days later, try to put those apps on other child’s profile, and have to wait again for them to download again. If I purchase apps on my profile, and authorize them for kids, I STILL have to re download them on each child’s profile, despite the fact that they are installed on device. 3 days after Christmas, and there are only 3 usable apps on one profile, and the built in memory is getting full.

  11. The child account on the kindle fire is way to babyish for kids over 8 and older. Yes, parent controls are nice, but it limits the children over 8 a bit to much. It also comes with shows like Seasame Street and baby books. Don’t let the education part fool you, it’s only has educational things for the preschool and kindergarten levels. I would recommend a regular tablet or iPad for kids 8 and up. Giving your kids a regular tablet can also affect behavior. The kids will feel more older and responsible, and while feeling that they will do that. After 2 years of a babyish child account, I gave my 10 year a regular account. I immediately saw improvement in behavior for things like chores.

  12. I absolutely hate that you can’t personalize the home page in a kids profile- it’s a small thing but we all personalize our home pages and phones; why does Amazon refuse to do this with cute characters that are kid friendly?
    They also don’t have You tube kids- that’s a really big deal.

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