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Evolved Mommy | April 21, 2015

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Blissdom 2013 - Evolved Mommy

Blissdom 2013
Stephanie McCratic

Ever wondered what a blog conference is like? Each one is completely unique, and today I am beyond thrilled to say that I’m going back to Blissdom and this time as a Community Leader.

Blissdom 2012 was the first big conference I went to, and it remains my favorite national-level conference.

Why does this video make me tear up?

Look I’m in the video! (That’s the back of my head on the left of your screen – I’m famous).

Evolved Mommy Blissdom

It occurs to me I need new clothes. I still love that top, scarf and bag.

Blissdom has moved from Nashville to Dallas this year, which makes it even easier for us Arkansas girls to get there. If you’re considering the trip please let me know and I can probably hook you up with roomies or travel buddies.


  1. Hey, just realized Gwen and I are in the top pic too :) My hair was really short….

  2. I saw you!!! I’m really excited about going to Blissdom! I’m with Sarah, that scarf, top & bag are great!

  3. That is a great scarf! You already know this, but I need a travel buddy who wants to use her car because mine needs to stay home with the girl. So excited if I can make it all work out…

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