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Evolved Mommy | July 22, 2019

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Keeping fit at Blissdom (30/30/30: 25 & 26) - Evolved Mommy

This morning I kick-started my first full day at Blissdom with a bun-kicking Pilates Barre class led by guru Suzanne Bowen.

Suzanne is the creator of Barre Amped, which apparently does UH-MAZE-ING things for a booty.

That workout had me some part of my body shaking from the beginning to the end. I do love a good muscle shake. Oh it hurts so good.

Suzanne Bowen teaches a modified version of her Barre Amped and Pilates class at Blissdom

This stuff always looks so much easier in pictures than I remember it being live. It was hard y'all!

Suzanne also seems to get social media. This is what’s on the back of each of her assistants’ tanks. Smart girl.

QR code on the back of a tank top at Suzanne Bowens Pilates Barre Amped class at Blissdom

Who doesn't love clever QR code placement?!

For more information on my 30/30/30 Fitness challenge click here. I’m also still very much open to suggestions for March. Did you like this series? What should I do next to keep myself committed to fitness? What are you doing?