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Evolved Mommy | April 28, 2015

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Blissdom Tech | LinkUp - Evolved Mommy

Blissdom Tech | LinkUp
Stephanie McCratic

If you have a blog post with a great tech tip or blogging tip let’s unite. If you have a tech gadget or blogging question just ask in the comments below. Chances are someone knows the answer.

I can’t wait to meet you all. You should know that I am a gadget girl, not IT help desk, so if you ask me something hard I’m probably just going to blink at you a lot while I try to think of who I know that may have the answer. I’m not being rude. Just processing.

  • Link up below with your tech post or tech blog.
  • Link up your tech-focused site (doesn’t have to be a specific post)
  • Comment below with any tech questions.

UPDATE: Congrats go to GeekMummy for winning the giveaway from Inlinkz. BONUS: Inlinkz saw my tweet about Link Up tools and gave me a 6 month trial to giveaway. How appropriate, right? So on Wednesday the 20th I will use to pick one person from the links and the comments to receive this gift.


  1. My question is about Blogger – out of the blue my posts started showing up in the blog “reading list” labeled as a no-reply blogger and with no thumbnail photo. I am not marked as no reply in the settings. Can’t figure out how to return to original format.

  2. evolvedmommy! Yahoo! This is VERY exciting. creative geekery and I will help to spread the word. XO

    • evolvedmommy

      Thanks for sharing the link up. I’m open to doing this regularly if you think it would be helpful and fun.

  3. I love tech too, although I don’t blog about it often but I JUST asked on my Facebook page today that I’m thinking writing about tech products that make life easier. What are your favorites? What helps you reduce stress? Does being always connected (via smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.) seem to cause you more stress/anxiety or help you unwind/relax/have fun/enjoy your passions? Thoughts?

    • evolvedmommy

      Hey Cristi,
      I was just thinking about this. It feels like after all this time I’m just now hitting my stride w/ my processes from blogging to my daily social media habit. Apps like Evernote, Bento and Hootsuite are key, but I’m just now figuring out exactly how to use them in the most efficient way for my brain. Somedays it does feel like we are all reinventing the wheel since there is so much constant innovation.

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