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Evolved Mommy | November 11, 2019

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Blog Basics ➝ 3 Things to do now to grow your blog - Evolved Mommy

Blog Basics ➝ 3 Things to do now to grow your blog
Stephanie Funk

Sometimes books are judged by their covers. They just are. I do it even though I hate to admit it. What I’m saying is your blog needs to look good.

If your content is good why hold your blog back unnecessarily with an unpolished appearance?

Here are three of my favorite tips to a better blog.

How to: Take a great headshot

– Invest in a great picture of yourself and use it consistently across the internet. It helps people stay connected with your brand. And maybe they just want to see your smiling face, not a caricature of you.

How to: See who is pinning your content to Pinterest

– You want to know this information so you can provide the kind of posts people really connect with. Add this info to the stats on your WordPress or Blogger dashboard and your Analytics if you’re already using those.

How to: Create a media kit

– You have an audience, and no matter how big or small that audience is there could be a business who would like to get their logo, story or product infront of your fans. Have a media kit on hand and when you get a request you don’t have to spend three days (read: weeks) stressing about how to pull all of that info together. It’s done.

Now that you have all of that under control (RIGHT! lol) here’s a bonus you must read:

How to be a Work at Home Mom

What’s one thing, just one, that you can do today for your blog?