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Evolved Mommy | July 21, 2019

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BlogHer 12 | iPhoneography - Evolved Mommy

BlogHer 12 | iPhoneography

My first official session of BlogHer12 is iPhoneography (how to take fancy pictures with your iPhone) lead by @schmutzie, the FABULOUS Stephanie Calabrese Roberts (seriously, follow her @littlepurplecow). She has a whole book about iPhoneography called (appropriately) “The Art of iPhoneography” and Elan Morgan.

The panelists had some great tips and shared lots of apps.

iPhoneography Tips & Apps

1. Hold your phone in one hand so you can be more mobile and more incognito

Kathryn Doran the Coastal Chick BlogHer 12 iPhoneography

Kathryn from The Coastal Chick demos the official fancy one-handed iPhone hold

How to hold a camera with one hand to take better pictures

Use your thumb to click the shutter while holding the phone in your right hand. I can do this and I’m a lefty.

2. APP: Cameramatic

3. APP: Camera+

4. APP: Snapseed (editing – got lots of love)

5. To save time auto-share (link social accounts to Instagram and share to all of your networks from there)

6. Look all of these ladies up on Pinterest and Instagram. They are awesome.

Hipstamitic Chicago photos:

Hipstamic iphone photo of Chicago skyline

Hipstamatic Chicago

I believe all three of the panelists mentioned the Hipstamatic app, which I talked about here.

The First Fridge Art We Happened Upon

UPDATE: You can follow me on Instagram, open the app and search “evolvedmommy”.


Before I learned the pro one-handed-iphone-camera hold.