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Evolved Mommy | October 19, 2018

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This is the good stuff: Baking cookies with toddlers - Evolved Mommy

One of my most distinct memories from childhood is standing on a metal step stool at my great-grandmother’s house making sugar cookies. I remember the sweet vanilla smell;  what the cutter felt like going into the rolled out and flour-coated dough; and the sound of the sprinkles in the shaker. I also remember the aprons Nanny wore. They were so 1955. So beautiful.

I have been anxiously waiting for my first time to bake cookies with Charlie.

Well this past week we did it. We invited Charlie’s friend Hadley over and we got messy. They both had the day off from Mother’s Day Out because it was Thanksgiving week. Hadley’s mom and I decided this would be a perfect play date because we could take the finished cookies home to our families and show off the geniusly (<— not a real word) creative work of our gorgeous and very advanced daughters. By the way, you can check out Hadley’s mom’s FANTASTIC baking on her blog Bowers, Baking and Babies.


Two year olds baking cookies for Christmas

Hadley & Charlie. I have no idea why Charlie is naked. She had on clothes when we started. Then she didn't. She's two. It happens.

Charlie and Hadley eating the Christmas cookies they made

These two babies sure do love each other

Hadley licking icing off her fingers from the christmas cookies

Finger lickin' good, mama!

Messy kitchen from baking cookies with toddlers

The aftermath.

Iced Christmas sugar cookies made by two year old toddlers

The most beautiful cookies in the history of the world. Our girls are destined to be Food Network stars.

I didn’t get any pictures of them actually cutting out cookies because my hands were covered in dough and flour. But you get the idea.

And then there’s this poor mother.
Oh. Good. Lord.

I’ll be glad to post the recipe for the cookies and the recipe for the icing if anyone is interested. They are from scratch and delicious!