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Evolved Mommy | October 19, 2018

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Charlie's Tech | Color the Numbers iPad coloring app - Evolved Mommy

Charlie’s Tech | Color the Numbers iPad coloring app

This week Charlie is playing with a fun coloring iPad app called Color the Numbers that was created by Arkansas app developer Luke Irvin.

Color the Numbers iPad iPhone app

Color the Numbers is designed to be like the Paint by Numbers I remember from my childhood, just updated for modern technology.

color with fingers on iPad

Color with your fingers…

I was terrible at Paint by Numbers but I spent countless Saturday mornings working on them because they were fun. Or I was competitive and couldn’t believe I wasn’t good at them. Either way.

Coloring with the Nomad Play on the iPad

Or paint with the Nomad Play paintbrush

Okay, so maybe Charlie’s a little young for this app, but you better believe I’ll be printing this sucker out and hanging it on the art wall at our house. Pure abstract artistic genius.

Learn about the Nomad Play iPad paintbrush

Toddler hands coloring on the iPad

Those hands. Just squeeee!

Charlie had her three-year-old check up at the doctor today where we learned she is very advanced for her age. I believe the doctor’s exact words were, “She’s definitely on track developmentally,” which of course means “incredibly advanced.” Isn’t it obvious?!