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Evolved Mommy | August 22, 2019

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"The Coolest" cooler since the Yeti raises $6.7M in less than 2 weeks - Evolved Mommy

“The Coolest” cooler since the Yeti raises $6.7M in less than 2 weeks
Stephanie Funk

Here’s the thing… my husband wants a Yeti. You know… those $400 coolers that keep ice for 2 months or some such ridiculousness.


But neither of us has gone camping one single time since we’ve been together (for the last 8 years y’all)!

And, they’re so….


yetis are so brown and boring

Not that we haven’t tried camping glamping…

Once, when we were dating (7 years ago) we almost camped after a float trip with a huge group of friends. We floated all day, got back to the camp / launch site, setup our brand new luxe tent, hung the battery-operated ceiling fan / light fixture combo, blew up the queen sized air mattress, fluffed the synthetic down comforter (synthetic because I was worried real goose down would attract some goose-loving predator), found the nearest power outlet for my blow dryer, and settled in.

Five minutes later we were packing it up because I just couldn’t do it. Truth be told… I took one for the team. Steve didn’t want to stay either.

“Dueces, y’all!” We’re going home where there are hard walls and floors to protect us from things with more legs than I have.

So why? WHY??? does Steve want a Yeti?

Two reason (and these are the reasons that drive most of his buying decisions):

  1. All the cool kids have them
  2. They are excessively and unnecessarily expensive

Well, you know what? I found something even better and much more functional than a box that keeps ice cold forever.


The Coolest

It’s a Kickstarter that launched about a week ago and has already raised $6.7M because this single item contains more awesome than you’ll find in a truckload of Yetis.

Yes, please! Party in box at $189 (half the Yeti).

And I don’t have to go glamping to justify it. But if you’re into glamping here’s a post about some other gadgets you might want.