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Evolved Mommy | September 17, 2019

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Cow pasture to coffee shop | How Twitter changed a life - Evolved Mommy

Cow pasture to coffee shop | How Twitter changed a life

This is a special guest post by my bloggy-turned-real-life (can’t bring myself to use IRL seriously in a sentence) friend Paige.

I’m sitting in an insanely busy local coffee house.  As the sophisticated crowd bustles around me I am tucked away in a corner engrossed in my laptop.  Emails,
photographs, editing software, and deadlines all swirl in my head… all these things seem a thousand miles removed from growing up as a little girl running around in a cow pasture scrapping manure off her boots.  This was the life I secretly imagined living.  And thanks in large part to Twitter, this an actual scene in my life today.

Let me explain.

Twitter as life changer by Paige Burkham of Approaching Joy

Photo Courtesy of Paige Burkham (c)

Though I had been a blog reader for years it was only through the continuous urging of my boyfriend that I started my blog Approaching Joy earlier this year.  I signed up for a web design class and read every article I could find on how to be the best blogger possible.  The phrases “social media”, “networking”, and
“Twitter” came up on a regular basis and I decided to dust off the Twitter app that had gone dormant on my iPhone, create a Twitter handle that matched my blog (@approaching_joy), and made my first tweet.

At this point, Twitter was just something I was “supposed to do” as a blogger; it quickly became so much more.  Yes, it was a place to let “the world” know I had posted a blog entry but it was also a place where I could encourage others and begin building relationships with people who had similar aspirations.  I quickly found a support system made up of real people who quickly became real friends.

Twitter quickly jumped to the top of my life-changer list when that move that I had hoped for eventually did happen.  It was through this source of constant chatter that I “introduced myself” to the man who would eventually become my employer in my new town.  That whole story is literally a post in itself (which you can read here) but it opened up so many opportunities to learn and grow.

As soon as I had officially moved, Twitter amazed me again.  People I considered “Twitter friends” became “real friends” via coffee dates, long lunch hours, and after work drinks.

Through the exchange of stories, trust was established and opportunities were presented. The connections I had originally made via Twitter were paying off in opportunities that I never could have planned.  And it’s as I sit juggling the emails, photographs, editing software, and deadlines that I realize it’s not really Twitter that changed my life so much as it is the relationships that were
fostered via this unique form of communication.

Thanks Paige! We’re glad you’re here.

Has Twitter affected your life? Tell us about it in the comments below.