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Evolved Mommy | July 21, 2019

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Why you SHOULD NOT create a Facebook Page - Evolved Mommy

Why you SHOULD NOT create a Facebook Page
Stephanie Funk

You may have seen the stats that Facebook only shows posts from Facebook pages to 1-2% of the people who “like” that page.

If you don’t yet have a Facebook Page for your blog / brand / business here’s a controversial suggestion: Don’t create one.

Share your content on your personal profile or leverage other influencers to share it on their personal profiles. You may be concerned that someone will search in Facebook for your page. Don’t worry! When a page doesn’t exist Facebook asks if you want to search the web instead. YES! That is where you want people. On the piece of the internet that you own.

A couple years ago a lot of brands enjoyed big (HUGE) marketing wins using Facebook pages, but as the algorithm has changed those wins are becoming rather expensive to come by.

Most people / blogs / brands don’t understand the implications just yet, so they are still spending man hours, whether it’s their own time or an employee’s, creating Facebook posts that get seen by very few people.

It’s not that your fans aren’t scrolling far enough in their feed to see your post. It’s that Facebook literally isn’t showing it to them at all. The original equation Facebook used factored in the following:

  • Affinity (has this person interacted by like, comment or share with your content before)
  • Post type (images, links and statuses are all weighted differently)
  • Time decay (how long has it been since you posted and the user is viewing their timeline)

Simple enough, but now they are using closer to 100,000 different ranking factors. These original three are still in there somewhere, but they aren’t the complete picture.

The better strategy is to redirect the time spent creating Facebook posts to time creating your best blog content that will theoretically live forever on the Internet, boosting search engine optimization and creating unique assets that can be repurposed over time in any different social media platform.

When visitors come to your site, make it a worthwhile experience for them.

Ask yourself, “Where can I add value?” and “Where can I have the biggest impact?”

Are you changing your Facebook Page strategy?