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Recently I learned that a local business a close friend of mine works for was paying $75/month in advertising to a blog with literally no traffic (a Google PageRank of 0) simply because the blogger asked.

This reminded me that I have been throwing away money since relaunching my site over a month ago.

Believe it or not, businesses want to advertise on your blog even if your blog doesn’t have a huge traffic number.

You may only have 1,500 visitors per month, but are they loyal or are they specific to a topic? Guess what? You have a market.

One of the most common questions I am asked by other bloggers is, “How do you make money blogging?”

There are several ways to make money blogging

  1. Fun opportunities (this is my favorite)
  2. Google Adsense (not really much money at all)
  3. BlogHer and other affiliate networks
  4. Sponsorships and local ads (WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER)

We all know a business owner or decision maker here and there. The key is this: you have to be willing to ask. Use your network. Let people know that advertising is an option on your blog.

How do you let them know?

Well, the most obvious way is telling them, but then there will be questions (if they have half a clue what they are doing) about your traffic and rates and PageRank and such, which means you need a media kit.

Lela Davidson has a great example under the Bio tab on her After the Bubbly blog. You can even download the PDF and use it as a template.

I’m sure Lela won’t mind.

blogger media kit example

Great media kit example by Lela Davidson

There are some vital bits of information you should include in your blog media kit or one pager.

Elevator Pitch (please don’t call it this):

  • What is your blog about? Why is it different?
  • Consider including reviews, services, awards and other credits.
  • Topics you specialize in

Blogger Experience:

  • Blog conferences you’ve attended or at which you have spoken
  • Past sponsorships and partnerships
  • Anything that demonstrates the depth and breadth of blogging experience

Blog Stats:

  • Monthly unique visitors
  • Monthly page views
  • Newsletter subscribers
  • Google PageRank
  • Domain Authority, Page Authority if you have access to them
  • Twitter followers
  • Facebook friends
  • Facebook page likes
  • Pinterest followers
  • Demographics
  • Klout score


  • Ad rates and what is included in that price

Contact info:

  • Name + email is ideal

For more examples visit Mom SparkMusings from a SAHM, or HomeSchooling Blog 

I’ll be cleaning mine up and posting it on my About page shortly. In the meantime, if you know someone who’d like to advertise on EvolvedMommy I’ll be glad to talk to them.

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