Arkansas Blogger: Kerri Case “Damn You, Little Rock”

There are some fantastic bloggers in our little “natural” state that I get to call my friends and that I think you should know about. Kerri Case, author of “Damn You, Little Rock” and I originally met on Twitter three years ago. She’s seen me through life in a town I didn’t love and I watched in horror as she live-tweeted a tornado hitting her house. She’s snarky, witty and generally a great friend. Without further adieu…

1. First, what is your blog about?

It’s about whatever happens to come into my head: my family, my thoughts on current events, a tree fell on my house, how much I love cookies…

It’s the place where I get to be the star. Everyone else is supporting actors. I’m very important on my blog. Lots of interesting things happen to me and really no one else.

2. What’s your story? How did you come to be a blogger?

I worked on the online team for the Wes Clark Presidential campaign. I became friends with people from all over the country. When they left Little Rock, I would send them emails with stories about Little Rock, the funny thing that happened to me or amusing news stories. They got tired of me clogging their Inboxes and set up the blog for me. They said they would check it when they wanted to. It evolved from there.

3. You are important to me. In fact, in at least some way you are a role model. Who do you consider a role model today? I mean, real world role model (not Oprah-level role model). Of the people you interact with on a regular basis who do you look up to?

I admire so many people. I have friends who are amazing professionally: architects, engineers, doctors, artists, bakers, financial planners and teachers. I know people who are rearing beautiful children. I get to spend time with neighbors who are good at being spouses, friends, adult children and part of their community.

Some of them have been through some really terrible stuff and the get up every morning and face another day in tough marriages, with scary medical diagnosis, at disappointing jobs and dealing with troubled children. I pray for their kind of strength.

As far as a mentor: Professor Gerald Jordan at the University of Arkansas. I have such tremendous respect for him and very much want him to be pleased with my writing.

Kerri Case Damn You Little Rock Arkansas Blogger

Who is this crazy lady?

4. Why do you blog?

I blog for the same reason I knit: to keep from stabbing people.

5. What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?

It was all so accidental how I started doing this, I’ve never really had goals.

Since then, I’ve had women tell me they appreciate I’m willing to write what a lot of people think, but don’t say out loud. Most of life, that trait has gotten me in trouble. It’s nice that it can be useful.

Sometimes it feels like everything is set up to tell you how badly you’re fucking up: you’re a bad wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, employee and volunteer. You’re doing it wrong. I write a lot about how hard all of those roles are. I try to bring some humor and perspective to this whole crazy life.

6. You’re kind of a big deal. How does that feel?

It feels good that I matter to my people: the circle I’ve drawn around the group I care for and about. I don’t think too much about people outside of that circle. Unless I’m thinking about what I’ll wear when Oprah comes out of retirement just to interview me on how fabulous it is to be me…and how I really need to lose 30 pounds before then.

7. What opportunities has blogging brought your way?

My blog got me some great writing gigs. Mostly though, it brought people into my life I never would have met otherwise. That’s the best part outside of the huge fame and fortune I’ve found. It’s so strange how people just throw money at me.

8. Who do you know and value that you wouldn’t know if you weren’t a blogger?

I know you! I value you so much. Also, I know Amy ( Jennifer ( Audreya ( Savannah ( Sarabeth ( and several others. I hate making a list because I know I’ve left someone off.

9. What do you do in real life?

For money, I work in public relations for an ad agency in Little Rock. In real life, I am part of community of family, friends and neighbors. I try to separate the two in my mind and decisions as much as possible.

Thanks Kerri!

You can follow Kerri on Twitter @kerrijack

If you’re a blogger you know that disclosure statements can be tricky to write. Go read Kerri’s. It’s fantastical.


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