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Evolved Mommy | April 25, 2015

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Day Trip: Eureka Springs, Arkansas - Evolved Mommy

Day Trip: Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Stephanie McCratic

It turns out I love Fall as much or more than I love Spring. This is new. I do not remember ever loving Fall before, but for some reason this year I can’t get enough.

Last weekend the leaves were beautiful, so we decided to head 1 hour east of our home to the funky, historic town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and ride the Eureka Springs & North Arkansas train through the mountains.

Let’s start with what a great man Steve McCratic (or Evolved Daddy) is. That’s him cleaning vomit (I do not like that word) out of the backseat of my car because Charlie got carsick on the way over to Eureka Springs.

“It was the curby road, mama,” Charlie said. Sweet punkin.

It was the perfect fall day for a train ride.

Hover over the images to see the caption. Also, if anyone can suggest a better image gallery plugin I’d be forever grateful.

Those last pictures are from a separate trip to Eureka Springs we took in late August (after the whirlwind that was BlogHer followed by Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged) when we stayed at The Grand Tree House Resort. I crave that Eureka Springs tree house.


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  1. Charlie is totally right. I even get a little green in the gills!

    My brother growing up would ralph at the drop of a hat, so my poor mother’s van constantly smelt terrible and we had a stack of paper bags at the ready in the back seat for him. McDonald’s was a particular joy. He loved it but it would ALWAYS make him sick. My mom loves this story of just how common it was.

    We would go to a play group and went to McDonald’s around Halloween once and they had little plastic pumpkins around for us to trick-or-treat with. My brother started to look like he was going to ralph and so my mom just slid the pumpkin over to him and kept talking with the other ladies at the play group as he ralphed in the pumpkin and then went on his merry way. She imagines that the other people there not in the play group and unfamiliar with my brother’s tummy upsets were probably appalled and thought she was a terrible mother. She laughs every time she sees those pumpkins now! (I used ralph since you hate the other word!)

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