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Evolved Mommy | June 24, 2019

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Delight in Christ {One Little Word}

Delight in Christ {One Little Word}

| On 01, Apr 2013

At the beginning of this year I selected one little word (aka OLW) that I would carry with me throughout 2013. It took a while to come up with the word, but as soon as it crossed my mind I knew it was mine: Delight!

January was Delight in Exercise and I ran 90 miles.
February was Delight in Family and I sent cards.

Delight in Christ

For March I chose to Delight in Christ. I didn’t know at all what that would look like. I just knew it felt right for the time.

One night I was laying in bed dozing off and just thumbing through my daily social media places (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc). I know this is a bad practice. Blah blah blah. Screen time. Blah blah. Shhh. This is a good story.

LinkedIn is not one of my favorite platforms. It’s too corporate (read: boring), but I happened to check my feed and there was a message from one of my friends about a new bible study for the work place. The OLW connection didn’t even click at that time. What did occur to me is that I have been craving a bible study, but my nights are jam packed (see OLW January: Delight in daily exercise).

This study is designed to bridge the gap between work place and Sunday service and it is designed to be done during the work day. SOLD! I eat lunch at my desk anyway. (Yes, I know, I should get out. Shhhh)

So from my cozy place in my soft bed on a drowsy whim I emailed a few coworkers and asked if they would be interested in something like this. Immediately they each replied back, “Yes!”



So I popped off a message to the organization coordinating the study (WorkMatters, if you’re wondering) and I don’t think I even realized it was a local group yet. The next morning I had a message in my inbox from a man who, with a little bit of wit, charm and sarcasm, let me know that one of their board members is one of my bosses.

Well played, Jesus.

He said they would be thrilled to have a study at our workplace. And when could I meet with the area coordinator for training.

That was early this month. We are now three weeks into this beautiful twelve week study of Nehemiah (where is that even located in the Bible?). Seriously, I haven’t studied Nehemiah since memorizing the books for Catechism class in elementary school. Turns out Nehemiah built a GINORMOUS wall in less than two months, which relates quite clearly to the GINORMOUS things we accomplish every day at Country Outfitter.


Workmatters nehemiah bible study

There are two powerful things that have come out of this study so far for me:
1. I’m excited about the Bible for the first time in a long time.
2. I’m connecting with some of the most amazing women during lunch one day a week. These are women I have worked with for the last year and barely knew. We are getting to know each other’s souls.

This month I have delighted in Christ. My delight is not a hands-to-the-sky kind of delight. It’s flutter in my heart. A smile on my face. A soft, friendly thought instead of a judging, harsh thought. My delight is quiet and beautiful.

What do you Delight in today? Tell me in the comments below. I need help because I still haven’t picked all of my topics for the year.