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Evolved Mommy | July 22, 2019

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Delight in Daily Exercise {One Little Word} - Evolved Mommy

Delight in Daily Exercise {One Little Word}
Stephanie Funk

A couple weeks ago I selected my One Little Word for 2013 and made plans to weave it into various areas of my life with each month bringing a new specific focus . Kind of at the last minute, and on a whim, I decided to start January by applying my OLW (One Little Word), which happens to be “Delight” to exercise. On one of those last days of December I was driving from who-knows-where doing God-knows-what and I had the most random thought:

I wonder if I could run a 5k a day in January. Or maybe an average of 3 miles a day. How many miles would that be? Like 90?

Why not? I ran 18 miles in December. How hard can 90 be? Because I make reasonable goals.

And because this will be “delightful”.

Here we are over three weeks into the new year and I am actually finding myself delighting in exercise. Who knows for sure if I will meet that 90 mile goal, but so far I’m on track. As of today I have run 59.6 miles according to my RunKeeper app.

So what’s different about this goal?

Try by P!nk

I can’t help but run when I hear this song

Why am I sticking to it like nothing before? I think it’s a combination of things (or a proper alignment of the stars, whatever that means).

  • I’m officially addicted to my FitBit; can’t even go downstairs for coffee in the morning without putting it on.
  • I’ve set a difficult, yet achievable, and not entirely unreasonable goal (90 miles in January).
  • The compliments I’m getting on my appearance are very motivating to keep at it.
  • My new gym is five minutes from my house, so I go straight from work.
  • Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys and Try by P!nk

What’s my fitness tech process?

Click any of the images to go directly to the iTunes store details


This is my FitBit iPhone app screen. Mind you, this was early in the day. I’m not a complete sloth.

FitBit iphone app

Runkeeper Pro

I may not be a fast runner, but I’m grateful I’ve chosen to spend those hours running instead of sitting

RunKeeper iPhone app

You can even set goals in Runkeeper and send your successes to Twitter or Facebook

Runkeeper goals


This app syncs with my FitBit. This is the app I use to track my eating, and I try every day to practice rigorous honesty here.

MyFitnessPal iphone app


Fitness Folder

I like to keep things simple:

  1. Get on treadmill.
  2. Open Fitness folder.
  3. Start music.
  4. Run
  5. Check stats and goals obsessively on MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper and FitBit

iPhone Fitness Folder