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Evolved Mommy | April 25, 2018

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3 Best Digital Housekeeping Tips

Top 3 Digital Housekeeping Tips

| On 26, Dec 2013

As one year comes to a close and all the promise of the new year comes into focus, now is a fantastic time to have a little fun while taking stock of our digital lives (you know… the life where everything looks all “awwww… I was so skinny in July and my family looks practically perfect online).

1. Facebook | Year in Review

Go do this. You will be amazed at what has happened in your life in the last year. In fact, I had to look twice at a couple photos because I simply did not, at first, remember the amazing things that were happening in them. Oh no! I was all “Nostalgia!” and now I’m all “Is this alzheimers?” Shoot.

2. UnRoll Me

Oh the time we are going to save in 2014! Let me just tell you what this is and why you need it. (I totally shouldn’t be telling you this because part of my livelihood depends on my ability to create successful email marketing campaigns, but I am human and I, too, would like to reclaim my inbox). scours your inbox in minutes, and in a tidy little list shows you everything you are subscribed to. From that very screen you can choose to “roll up” a subscription into a single digest or unsubscribe. From right there. Oh holy moly! Oh boy. Oh boy.

(Um… Please don’t unsubscribe from Evolved Mommy. Just add me to you Roll Up.)

3. eMeals

You know what? My family is eating Paleo and they have no idea. *snort*. I’ve used eMeals off-and-on over the years and changed my plan at least three times from “Wal-mart” to “meals for 2” to “crock pot” to “clean eating”, but now… OH NOW we have arrived. This Paleo menu is to die for. Seriously, my husband and daughter would eat nothing but cheese and bread and popsicles if no one was watching, but they have been loving dinner lately. Even the in laws at Paleo for Christmas dinner. hehehehe. These are the people that let my daughter eat ice cream out of the giant Schwann’s bucket (probably more than once a day).

What is it? Emeals is a weekly printable menu and grocery list. We usually only pick three of the meals, because… OMG. Cooking. But they are simple recipes, usually no more than 20 minutes prep and just a handful of ingredients.


What end / beginning of the year digital housekeeping are you doing?  

Tell us in the comments below.