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Evolved Mommy | October 17, 2019

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Do good Christian parents hand their kids iPads and iPods - Guest post

Do good Christian parents hand their kids iPads and iPods? jennifer mullins blogger
Stephanie Funk

Guest post by Jennifer Mullen

My parents don’t understand. When we visit them, I am on my phone or laptop, my husband is on his iPad, and the kids are on the iPod.

They see these devices as divisive.

What they don’t see is what I see:

  • I see a mom keeping her sanity. As a stay-at-home mom, I am able to connect to a network of women who are in trenches alongside me. We don’t have time to encourage each other face-to-face, but through the written word we know that we are not alone. I can hardly imagine what the mothers in the pioneer days felt day-in and day-out without the company of other women.
  • I see a husband who is home by 5:30, plays with his kids, has dinner with his family, and then remotes into work after the evening settles.
  • I see two children learning to share, learning how to entertain themselves, and learning to motivate themselves to achieve new academic skills.
  • I see two children making memories. This melts my heart every time.
kids playing ipad in toddler bed

I see two kids making memories

On Saturday mornings, this is the scene I often awake to. My daughter snuggled up next to my son in his toddler bed, watching PBS kids. What my parents fail to realize is that is no different than when my brother and I would sneak into the basement to watch Saturday morning cartoons while they slept in.

Just like we were then, my kids are making memories.

I do agree that technology should be used in moderation and is not a substitute for genuine interaction. However, if used properly it can help enhance the family experience.

Our devices are not divisive. They are tools that help us meet our family goals.

How do you handle tablets and gadgets in your home?


jennifer mullins blogger

Jennifer Mullen enjoys her simple life of being a stay-at-home mother of two beautiful children in the community of Lowell, AR. Her husband, an IT manger for a local small business, has taught her all she knows about technology. Without him, she might still be in the 20th century.

After years of her husband’s encouragement, Jennifer finally decided to begin her adventure as a blogger. She had the vision for a blog which lead her to form a team of several writers to create a mosaic of perspectives on parenting and Christian living. These women seek to encourage the whole woman: mind, body, and soul. They address such issues as infertility, spiritual development, home organization, postpartum depression, and foster care just to name a few. Head over to their blog today at and be watching for their re-launch in the coming months.