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Evolved Mommy | November 11, 2019

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This isn't the Jacket Stable or the Slacks Cabin, ladies: It's a Dress Barn GIVEAWAY! - Evolved Mommy

This isn’t the Jacket Stable or the Slacks Cabin, ladies: It’s a Dress Barn GIVEAWAY!

Not really sure what I was getting myself into, I dragged my husband Steve (@scratic) over to the Dress Barn in the Pinnacle Hills Promenade to do a little shopping. We had a limited amount of time between work and going to the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G new Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art opening. Our family pictures were scheduled for 9:00 a.m. the next morning, which meant that if I didn’t find the perfect outfit there would be no time to find something else for the pictures, and my whole master Christmas card plan would fail. FAIL!

If you’re just getting here read yesterday’s post for the back story.

Long story short:

  1. I got a PR email from Dress Barn
  2. I’ve never been in a Dress Barn because the name alone is horrendous, which must mean the clothes are horrendous.
  3. The pictures in the PR email were super cute and the PR rep was wonderful to talk to (none of that “Oh… you’re in Arkansas. Let me slow down and use words with fewer syllables).
  4. I needed something to wear for our family Christmas card pictures.
  5. I went shopping and you’re going to have a chance to go shopping, too.


Dress Barn Rogers AR

Our local Dress Barn in Rogers, Arkansas (I’d use the state abbreviation of AR, but most people assume that is Arizona. It’s AZ people)

Dress Barn shopping trip in arkansas

Wait… it’s locked! Just kidding.

Terrie Benson Personal Shopper at Dress Barn Rogers Ar

This is Terrie, who probably just lost when they drew numbers to see who the was going to “handle” the blogger today. Lucky for me she was my very friendly and quite bedazzled personal shopper.

Funny sales clerk at Dress Barn Rogers AR

You can have anything here except THIS shirt!

Funny sales clerk at dress barn rogers

Not really. My husband just happens to be the king of taking unflattering pictures. This associate was super nice. Everyone was.

Terrie really was skeptical of my no bling policy

Terrie really was quite skeptical of my “no bling” fashion policy. Here I am saying something shocking like, “so…um… no bling.”

Me explaining to Terrie at Dress Barn why I'm not crazy about bling

“It’s just that I have a more understated style.” I’m pretty sure Terrie was shocked to learn that there are unbedazzled people walking around everyday.

Shopping at Dress Barn Rogers AR

Let’s get this party started!

Don’t be distracted by the sweater cape y’all. Those are… JEGGINGS!

To be “real” I’ve decided to post pics of each outfit, even if they aren’t flattering. This is huge leap for me, so be kind. Thanks!

Sweater cape and jeggings from Dress Barn rogers

This is the first of many pictures where you’ll see me checking my butt in the mirror. This is a critical step in the fitting room process for me. Also, this is the same little sweater cape, but with a cami. I like it much better here.


Interior Dress Barn Rogers AR

I thought you could use a little visual break from the initial shock of jeggings. Beware: more jeggings coming up…

snowflake sweater from Dress Barn Rogers AR

I love this snowflake sweater WITH JEGGINGS, but I feel like there’s a small window for seasonal sweaters. Basically, you get the week before Christmas. Then it’s over until next year.

Checking my butt in the mirror at Dress Barn Rogers AR

And… here I am checking out my butt in the mirror. Remember, it’s important.

Brown sweater with jeggings from Dress Barn Arkansas

This was the moment when Terrie told my I had a tiny waste and I decided that she would be my new best friend.

Brown sweater with belt at the Dress Barn in Arkansas

Upon further inspection, this sweater IS NOT flattering on me. Moving on.

Head, shoulder, boobs and...

Head, shoulders, boobs and…

Grey sweater with jeggings at dress barn

Butt. Head, shoulders, boobs and butt. Boobs and BUTT!

Prince style shirt at Dress Barn

Prince wuz here

Dressing room at Dress Barn Rogers AR Promenade

Shut the front door! I’m levitating. And I don’t even remember this happening. Oh, one more thing… I DO NOT have fat rolls on my feet. Blame the crochet Ugg boots.


Steve had an absolute blast during the whole shopping experience. He just couldn’t stop talking about it the whole way home.

iPhone panoramic pictures

In the middle of all his wild excitement Steve figured out how to take panoramic pictures with his iPhone. I’ll post directions for that next week.


Black sweater dress at rogers pinnacle hills promenade dress barn

I really want to love this dress, but there was something else I loved even more…

Fitting room mess at rogers pinnacle hills dress barn

Time to start editing the selections

Wardrobe edit dress barn rogers ar pinnacle hills promenade

Getting close…

Wardrobe edit at Dress Barn at Rogers Pinnacle Hills Promenade

Rachel Zoe would be so proud of this edit

Fur lined jacket shopping at Pinnacle Hills Promenade Dress Barn in Rogers AR

And here it is! My favorite look.

Terrie and Tracy personal shoppers at Rogers Pinnacle Hills Promenade Dress Barn arkansas

Thank you Terrie and Tracy for making this a fabulous experience! (More panoramic fun for Steve here)

This was right before Tracy busted out her signature saying about the duo:

“T ‘n T. Together we’re DYNAMITE!”

Oh lordy!

Leaving Dress barn shopping at Rogers Pinnacle Hills Promenade Rogers Arkansas

All done. Thanks Dress Barn!

I just got a preview of our family Christmas card pictures from Kim at Sweet Portrayal. No words. They are perfect.

Family Christmas Card Portrait 2011 by Sweet Portrayal in Rogers ARkansas

Merry Christmas y’all!


My experience couldn’t have been any better. Some of the clothes in the Dress Barn were exactly what I thought they would be, but Terrie and Tracy kept me safely in the contemporary casual section where I was comfortable.

Side note: I wore my new jacket to the Women In Networking Holiday Extravaganza lunch this week. As I was getting comfortable with my lunch and awkwardly introducing myself to the others at my table, local KNWA anchor Neile Jones (@neilejones), who was emceeing the event, came over (we’ve met once before briefly), and said, “You have GOT to tell me where you got that jacket!”

How flattering is that??? Neile has to put her pretty self on TV every night, so she knows what looks good. I was more than happy to tell her it came from the Dress Barn.

Now you’re thinking, “Stephanie! I want to go to the Dress Barn!”

Of course you do. Well, guess what? I’m giving away a $25 gift card so that you can create the perfect look for Thanksgiving, Christmas or just fall in general.

To enter leave a comment below telling me what three things you are most thankful for this year. On Tuesday I will select a winner using

You can earn extra entries by emailing a link to this contest/post to your friends. Just cc info (at) evolved mommy (dot) com and I’ll give you an extra entry for every person you share it with. I’ll also give you extra entries for tweeting and facebooking this contest. Just be sure to let me know you did it in the comments below.

Dress Barn is on Twitter @dressbarn and Facebook /dressbarn