Thanksgiving style tips + a GIVEAWAY preview

Dress Barn Bomber Jacket on Dressing Room Door
What’s this fabulousness?

As a blogger, I often get pitches from companies wanting me to talk about their products. 90% of the time I ignore them, but a couple of weeks ago I got one that really caught my attention for a couple of reasons:

  1. It contained useful/relevant information (read: It had REALISTIC FASHION tips for fall)
  2. It was from a store that I would NEVER shop in, but the picture had a dress that I instantly FELL IN LOVE with. What???

So I emailed the PR rep back, which I almost never do, and asked if they’d like to do a sponsored post. Some of the PR people I work with are less than friendly (and generally condescending when they figure out I’m in Arkansas), but this one was awesome.

She was responsive, friendly and excited. Her attitude helped me decide that THIS was a company I wanted to do business with.

Also, she offered me free clothes. I can be bought when it feels good. No shame in my game, ladies! Who is this fabulous shop?

Wait for it…

Dress Barn.

Ok. Wait! Don’t click away yet. Look at these pictures and read the fashion tips from Keith Fulsher, dressbarn Chief Merchandising Officer. I promise it’s worth the four minutes of your time. I love these tips for Thanksgiving Day, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be going with the “Comfort Queen” look.  

No matter what type of celebration, there’s no reason why the turkey should be the only thing well-dressed on Thanksgiving:


If you plan to ditch the diet for a day, be sure to wear clothes that won’t show how stuffed you are:

This is the dress that started it all. I love the Missoni-style zig zag print.


This is the dress that started it all. I love the Missoni-style zig zag print.

dress barn boot for fall 2011
Pair that dress with these boots!

Pair that dress with these boots!

  • Empire waist dresses will be your best friend, especially when paired with tights and tall boots, which will create a slimming effect
  • If dresses aren’t your thing, opt for an open-front blazer will to keep eyes away from the midsection
  • Jeans should have a bit of stretch to keep you comfortable while in a food coma
  • Lighter fabrics mean less bulk

Not getting any support from friends and family? Keep your look (and tone) cordial.

If you spill cranberry sauce on yourself no one will ever know!

Almost everything at Dress Barn is stretchy whether it looks like it or not.

  • Since you’ll be on your feet running from one thing to the next, opt for chic, yet comfy flats
  • It’s going to get hot in the kitchen, so select loose, lightweight materials
  • Patterns will help hide any underarm sweat marks
  • Don’t wear anything with hanging embellishments or wear dangling jewelry as it will only get in your way when cooking
  • A shorter length skirt with tights will help keep your cool
  • Tuck in your shirt if possible to prevent it from getting dirty and to make yourself look put together while being in five different places at once
  • Opt for darker hues in case of a spill or splash

Just because your celebration is laid-back, doesn’t mean your style should warm the bench.

Even those of us who are completely lazy can look good on Thanksgiving

NEVER EVER EVER did I think I would own a pair of skinny jeans, but these right here are comfy AND, NO LIE, they look good on!

  • A stylish, loose shirt and a great fitting pair of jeans will score big points
  • Opt for satin shirts, chunky knit sweaters or capes
  • Skinny jeans tucked into a pair of boots or paired with flats will win over your guests

These tips are definitely doable. And I needed a good fall look for our upcoming family pictures. When I emailed Nadia (awesome PR rep) letting her know that I needed to turn this around fast because I wanted to find something that I could wear in my already scheduled family pictures with the super-busy Kim Ginn at Sweet Portrayal Photography  she made it happen right away.

This was a big gamble for me because I had seen her great PR pictures, but my perception of Dress Barn was that it was going to be aisle after aisle of matronly church dresses. You know, the ones that look like a top and bottom, but are actually connected as one piece. GAG!

Putting my family pictures in the hands of a store with the word “barn” in the name was waaaaay outside my comfort zone, but lately I’ve been trying to do things that are a little less comfortable. Scary, right. Next thing you know I’ll be zip lining or wearing jeggings.

Come back tomorrow for my special giveaway announcement!


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