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Evolved Mommy | July 22, 2019

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Easter Recap: Family, Friends, Food, Helicopters and Bird Poop. Hallelujah! - Evolved Mommy

This was the first Easter that we hosted festivities at our house instead of traveling to Little Rock (or anywhere else really). All was Norman Rockwell perfect Easter day except when Steve got pooped on (of course there are pictures below) I started feeling sickly. Turns out I had some sort of epic (remember, I’m a bit of an exaggerator) Strep throat infection: fast moving and completely draining.
Oh well. Two days later I’m finally coming back to the real world. (I’d like to know exactly how I pulled a muscle in my left butt cheek by laying around for two days.)

No matter. Here is pictorial recap of our Easter festivities, which included:

  • Three Easter Egg hunts
  • One helicopter (we won’t do that again)
  • Tons of bird poop
  • Bonding with local family & friends
  • One precious little toddler
  • Disease
  • Memories that will live forever here on the internets
Hunting Easter eggs in the backyard

We were so excited to be invited to our neighbors' house for a backyard easter egg hunt. Charlie is quite proficient at this sport.




Messy kitchen preparing for Easter

After all the Saturday egg hunts we came home and got busy cooking and cleaning for the big lunch. This was the first of three rounds of cooking

hershey bunny trail easter basket 2012 blissdom

Thanks to Hersheys Chocolate and Blissdom I had one less thing to worry about. They sent Charlie an Easter basket full of all the things I love. 😉

Kitchen chalkboard

Painting part of our kitchen with chalkboard paint is one of the best things I've done in the crafty realm. Mostly it's for Charie, but sometimes it's for me. My only regret is that we were in such a hurry I wasn't able to get a great picture of C in her dress with the Easter message to our guests.

Trinity United Methodist Church Fayetteville AR Easter Egg Hunt

Then we had this beautiful moment at the church easter egg hunt...

easter egg hunt bird poop

Followed almost immediately by the "Great Bird Poop Incident of 2012"

father in law at easter dinner

It really was a fantastic day of family, friends, church and food. Happy Easter y'all!