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Evolved Mommy | April 19, 2015

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Fashion: Smartphone as shopping buddy

Fall Fashion: smartphone camera as shopping buddy
Stephanie McCratic

Let me start by saying my husband cannot be trusted as a shopping buddy because (and this is a good problem to have as his wife) he tells me EVERYTHING looks beautiful. While I like to hear that, it isn’t always helpful.

Dillards purple and blue chevron dress

Why didn’t I buy this one???

For example, I “looked great” last Thursday when I left the house, but later when I saw pictures from that day I would say my look was more “sub-par to mortifying.”

As a mom y’all know it isn’t always easy to find a friend who can just run out the door and meet you at the mall to pick out a last minute outfit for a trip that you are leaving for the next day. (Not that I ever shop like that)

So lately my very best shopping buddy has been my iPhone.

How it works:

1. Try on outfit

2. Snap quick photo

3. Try on next outfit

4. Snap another quick photo

5. After a few changes compare the pictures

Why this works:

  • The mirror lies to me and tells me things look good that don’t and vice versa
  • I get a more objective look at the outfit and how it looks on my body and with my skin color and hair color/style
  • I can see the whole picture as opposed to staring at my problem areas, such as I tend to do in the mirror
  • If I need extra help I can text a few pics to my trusted shopping friends (or Steve if I just need affirmation)

Here are few examples of my recent dressing room visits

Grey Target wrap dress

Target Grey Wrap dress: No

Target ox blood sweatshirt dress

Target oxblood sweatshirt dress: Should’ve, but didn’t buy this one

Old Navy pink sweater with skinnies: Bought It!

Old Navy pink sweater with skinnies: Bought It!

Gap shirt dress

Dillards chevron dress

Dillards knit chevron dress: Should’ve bought it


Important Evolved Mommy tips:

1. Only take pictures in your dressing room. You’d hate to accidentally snap a picture of someone else. Not. Okay.

2. Turn off the volume on your phone. Otherwise you sound like a total creep taking pictures in the dressing room.

Is anybody else doing this or am I the only weirdo that takes pictures in dressing rooms?


  1. This is a great idea! I love tip #2 about turning the sound off! HAHA!

  2. I do this all the time, since I am so “unfashiony” as my 6 year old tells me. I send pics to my more Fashiony bff.

  3. I did this when I was shopping for a swimsuit and it helped me make a better decision. I do love the Target oxblood sweatshirt dress, go back for it. Great post!

  4. I do this all the time too, but I end up sending the pics to my mom and the feedback is very similar to how you described your husband’s. And yes, you should have bought the dress at Dillard’s! Very cute and flattering.

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