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Evolved Mommy | April 24, 2018

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Fashion: Smartphone as shopping buddy

Fall Fashion: smartphone camera as shopping buddy
Stephanie McCratic

Let me start by saying my husband cannot be trusted as a shopping buddy because (and this is a good problem to have as his wife) he tells me EVERYTHING looks beautiful. While I like to hear that, it isn’t always helpful.

Dillards purple and blue chevron dress

Why didn’t I buy this one???

For example, I “looked great” last Thursday when I left the house, but later when I saw pictures from that day I would say my look was more “sub-par to mortifying.”

As a mom y’all know it isn’t always easy to find a friend who can just run out the door and meet you at the mall to pick out a last minute outfit for a trip that you are leaving for the next day. (Not that I ever shop like that)

So lately my very best shopping buddy has been my iPhone.

How it works:

1. Try on outfit

2. Snap quick photo

3. Try on next outfit

4. Snap another quick photo

5. After a few changes compare the pictures

Why this works:

  • The mirror lies to me and tells me things look good that don’t and vice versa
  • I get a more objective look at the outfit and how it looks on my body and with my skin color and hair color/style
  • I can see the whole picture as opposed to staring at my problem areas, such as I tend to do in the mirror
  • If I need extra help I can text a few pics to my trusted shopping friends (or Steve if I just need affirmation)

Here are few examples of my recent dressing room visits

Grey Target wrap dress

Target Grey Wrap dress: No

Target ox blood sweatshirt dress

Target oxblood sweatshirt dress: Should’ve, but didn’t buy this one

Old Navy pink sweater with skinnies: Bought It!

Old Navy pink sweater with skinnies: Bought It!

Gap shirt dress

Dillards chevron dress

Dillards knit chevron dress: Should’ve bought it


Important Evolved Mommy tips:

1. Only take pictures in your dressing room. You’d hate to accidentally snap a picture of someone else. Not. Okay.

2. Turn off the volume on your phone. Otherwise you sound like a total creep taking pictures in the dressing room.

Is anybody else doing this or am I the only weirdo that takes pictures in dressing rooms?