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Evolved Mommy | March 19, 2019

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The Fall Tailgating Gadget Guide

The Fall Tailgating Gadget Guide

Tusk to Tail {Guest Post}

While some of us are busy thinking about back-to-school shopping, my friend and legendary Arkansas Razorback tailgater Dale Cullins shares his must-have tailgating gadget and tech list. Dale and his friends have been building their Tusk-to-Tail tailgate for over a decade together and they now occupy THE premium spot across from the Pit at Razorback Stadium. These guys know tailgating.

Tusk to Tail Razorback Tailgate

Steve and Charlie Tailgating at Tusk to Tail

It all started when I asked Dale why he tailgates and what he loves about it. The discussion, of course, quickly turned to gadgets, so I asked Dale for his recommendations.

By Dale Cullins

I love the early morning hours of setting up and getting ready a big tailgate and a big game. It’s pretty much just the guys, catching up and talking smack. The family aspect of tailgating has been incredible: watching the kids grow up from season to season, having our wives out there with us and enjoying something together as family with our closest friends as an extended family.

I’m a born organizer, if there is a void then I usually find a way to fill it when it comes to things that need to be purchased, done or scheduled.

When we started a decade ago it was just some beers before a game.  Then we added a tent, then a TV, then food, now we host over 100 people per game.  Couldn’t do it without the support of Kara and the Tusk to Tail crew, we all have a niche to fill in pulling off a tailgate.

Like everything else in the SEC, tailgating has become an arms race. It has become quite the science in improving size and portability. American industry and ingenuity have kept up the pace. Our tailgating crew known as “Tusk to Tail”, have used the following items to make or take any tailgate to the next level. All of the items are portable, set up quickly, and are easy to operate.
‘Tusk to Tail’ has been doing the later over the past eight years or so and each year we try to improve our on our movable feast that travels all across the SEC following the University of Arkansas Razorbacks.

The Tailgating “Must Have” List

tailgating gadgets from Tusk to Tail Arkansas Razorback tailgaters for City Wire

1. Power for Your Party


Honda EU 2000i generator

Electricity is a must for all of the televisions, lights, satellite receivers, and food warming devices. The best generator on the market is the Honda EU2000i. This little power pack generates 2000 watts, weighs less than 47lbs, and will run for 8-10 hours on a gallon of gas. It’s so quiet you it can barely be heard from 10’ away (59 dB max). We recommend using 91 octane fuel with no ethanol. This fuel runs cleaner and creates less heat in the engine in turn making the unit last longer.

2. Tailgating TV (The Bigger the Better)

Arkansas Razorback Tailgater from Dish Network

Tailgater from Dish Network

To bring in the satellite signal the newest thing on the market is the Tailgater from Dish Network or The Cube from Direct TV. We use the Tailgater because Dish allows month to month activation. The unit is approximately 18” tall and 48” in diameter and weighs 10lbs. Cost runs $499 including the required receiver.

3. Make Some Noise!


Block Rocker Sound System with Bluetooth

The best portable speaker is the 50 Watt Block Rocker Sound System with Bluetooth. It has a rechargeable battery that can last up 25hours, thus saving precious generator power.
Features include a built in AM/FM radio, USB, phono jack ports, and the ability to stream Bluetooth enabled devices up to 75 feet away. Cost is approximately $150. We use two of these, one to amplify television audio and the other for music.
Our last two items may not be high tech but they are still improvements in their respective categories and make tailgating and road trips easier

4. Crowd-pleasing Cookouts


Weber Q 200 Grill

This small butpowerful grill cranks out 12,000 BTUs/hour and has 280 sq” of cook top. The grill weighs 25lbs, takes up the space of a small cooler, and has you cooking in 5 minutes or less. Cost is $200 for the grill and $50 for a wheeled grilling stand.

*the grill pictured is the actual Tusk to Tail grill that was custom powder coated Razorback Red

5. Cold Beer (or, erm… Cokes)

This is Coleman’s budget friendly answer to the Yeti cooler. The X-Treme is lighter, has an 84 can capacity, and will keep beverages cold up to 120 hours.

Coleman X-Treme Tailgating Cooler on wheels

Coleman 50 Quart X-Treme Wheeled Cooler

Improvements over previous Coleman Cube Coolers are a lid seat that can hold up to 250lbs, easier cleaning material, and the extended cold time from ThermOZONE insulation. Cost is approximately $49.99

Bonus from Stephanie:

You NEED Tailgating boots. For my Razorbacks I happen to love these Corral red boots and these Gameday Razorback boots from Country Outfitter.

Corral Razorback Red Boots

Corral Red Boots

Gameday Razorback boots

Gameday Razorback Boots

Now… Let’s call those HOGS!!!

woo pig sooie

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