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Evolved Mommy | April 21, 2015

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Fave + Giveaway: ZAGGfolio Case turns your iPad into a laptop - Evolved Mommy

UPDATE: CONGRATS to Stefanie Gladden for winning the ZAGGfolio iPad case! 

One question I seem to get asked all of the time is whether you can use an iPad as a laptop.


The answer is… sort of. I find making good looking documents is easier on the iPad using Pages than on a computer. Editing photos is super simple in Photoshop Touch. It’s also easier to get things done in general because there are fewer distractions when you are inside an app. Of course iPads are lighter and more portable than a laptop. I rarely go anywhere without my iPad.


The biggest pet peeve of mine is that most websites default to their mobile version when viewed on an iPad. For instance, when I’m trying to manage a Facebook page for work I can’t easily do that from an iPad because Facebook defaults to mobile Facebook. So annoying. Also, you won’t have as much storage on an iPad as you do on a laptop or desktop computer (do they still make those).


Typing is slower on an iPad screen than on a keyboard, but wait… there’s a solution for that!

This week AT&T sent me a ZAGGfolio iPad keyboard case to try out. This case + keyboard makes pumping out blog posts and responding to email via iPad so easy. It boggles my mind that I haven’t used one of these before.

Zaggfolio keyboard ipad case from AT&T

ZAGGfolio in Carbon Fiber

This iPad accessory is now an Evolved Mommy fave. I can’t live without it.

ZAGGfolio keyboard for iPad

With a keyboard case the iPad works like a laptop.


Win your very own ZAGGfolio case in Carbon Fiber (black). Also, you don’t have to have an iPad to enter. This case + keyboard would make a fabulous gift.

To enter:

1. Like Evolved Mommy on Facebook

2. Comment below and tell me your favorite thing about the iPad

The giveaway will close at midnight on October 4th. A winner will be selected using a randomizer and announced shortly thereafter.

 FYI, this case works with the original iPad and the iPad 2. 

DISCLOSURE: AT&T provided the ZAGGfolio case to review and one to giveaway.


  1. iPad syncs w/ iPhone syncs w/ MacBook Pro = I’m synced! Add, that it is a fabulous presentation platform, & that it will get around to the dishes at some point… Voila!
    Now, you may feel free to send me the Zagg. Thank you!

  2. Paige

    I love that my iPad is a juke box, a productivity tool, the best way to play Draw Something, and overall pretty great.

  3. Michelle LeClerc

    I love the iPad because it keeps my daughter busy :)

  4. Tony

    My 2-year-old uses my iPad everyday. She loves it! And that makes me love it!

    • Evolved Mommy

      Oh I completely agree! Watching my pre-schooler play with an iPad is fascinating.

  5. Thanks for the giveaway:)

  6. Liz Jao

    My favorite thing about the iPad is the app store and its incredible variety of apps available

    • Evolved Mommy

      The volume of apps is fascinating. Who are all of these developers?

  7. I like Draw with Friends. Really, I do think it’s the apps that make the ipad so great and so much better than a laptop in a lot of situations.

    • Evolved Mommy

      1. The people at Zynga are geniuses
      2. There are so many fabulous apps that I want. But when I get an app I play with it for a day or two then forget it even exists. Attention span problem or app over-stimulation? Hard to say.

  8. Joseph Kisor

    Well my number 1 reason i love my ipad is talking to Siri, she is sooo nice and seems to always have the nicest things to say. Plus she has a great voice. But my second favorite reason is im in college and i take notes on this thing everyday, but i have to use the keyboard on the screen, which makes it very difficult.

  9. Ana

    I love how the ipad keeps the little ones busy. I owe Apple so much money in unpaid babysitting fees :)

    • Evolved Mommy

      Amen to that! Charlie watches “night night Pound Puppies” at 7:30 on Netflix on the iPad. It’s not a particular episode, she just likes to watch Pound Puppies before bed, so we call it “night night Pound Puppies,” and since it’s on the iPad we can keep watching our shows on TV. OMG. Wow. We sound like lazy couch potatoes.

  10. I love that I can travel with it and stay in touch with my online world without lugging around a ton of stuff. I love reading on it. I love that for once in my life I was near the front of a tech boom. That was fun, even though now my first gen gift of an iPad is hopelessly dowdy. I know I’m going to be sad when it goes ’cause really, buying one for myself isn’t in the cards.

  11. I couldn’t survive work without my iPad. It’s everything from my to do list to my journal for meetings. I have been using the notability app that you handwrite on and I love it, but I type much faster than I write. It is much easier to read also :)

    If I had a keyboard think of all the more blogging and social media doing I could do. I love it.

    • BTW I already like your Facebook page and you in actual real life!

  12. My favorite thing about the iPad is… well…everything!
    My least favorite thing is the sucky keyboard I bought for it which is NOT as good as the Zaggfolio. I so need to win this!
    But seriously, I love using my iPad in the kitchen (I have a recipe notebook on Evernote), at committee meetings for work (I store notes in Evernote), browsing Facebook and Pinterest and reading my favorite blogs on Flipboard.
    Yep, I love EVERYTHING about my iPad!

  13. The iPad has been an amazing culture shift to follow. The ability to essential do anything from the comfort of your couch, to a coffee shop, or on a plane is a serious game changer. I think we are only seeing the beginning stages of the iPad. It changed the way I was able to take notes and study in college. I use it daily to run my business. In the near future I see it as being the tool to order every item I need in my house and have it mailed straight to me without having to go to the store and fight crowds and traffic. Being an app developer I love seeing the innovation of apps and it drives my entrepreneurial spirit to become as much part of this innovation as I possibly can!

  14. The first keyboard I tried, I did not like. I’m glad to hear that you like this one. I love the ease of my Ipad, but I would like it to be more keyboard friendly. I’m on mine all of the time while traveling. It’s a heck of a lot easier to haul on a plane, too:) Hope you are having a beautiful day.

    • Evolved Mommy

      I think you’d really like this one. It works really well.

  15. Whitney Key

    My favorite thing about my iPad is that it turns into a mobile TV. I carry it around the house or take it with me when I travel. Also, you don’t have to take it out of your bag when you go through security checkpoints!

    • Evolved Mommy

      I do this, too. Sometimes I watch day-old Today show episodes because we don’t have a tv upstairs when I’m getting ready.

  16. I don’t have an ipad, my husband does though. Ive used it a few times & I love the apps on there!! My favorite part of it? It keeps my husband occupied and out of my hair!

    • Evolved Mommy

      Great reason.

  17. Stefanie Gladden

    I love all the apps you can download and skype is my favorite!

    • Evolved Mommy

      I rarely use Skype. But I hear people talking about using it all the time. Are you talking to your friends via Skype instead of texts/phone calls? I’m confused by this. It just seems so involved. Like I’d have to put makeup on.

  18. I have been wanting one of these for a while. They are just too dang expensive! I would love to use mine more as a laptop because I love it more than my laptop.

    • Evolved Mommy

      They are spendy.

  19. Jason Brown

    After tons of research, this is the best keyboard for the iPad. I’ve been saving to get my own for a while. Winning one would be great!

    • Evolved Mommy

      Free is always better. ;)
      It’s a great keyboard. I’m using my iPad more than ever now.

  20. I DO like you on FB! I like you IRL too!

    Not gonna lie, I’m kind of overly excited about your review. I’m FINALLY (I know, right) going to fetch myself an iPad, and I’ve been obsessively looking for a case + keyboard to love. I’m pretty sure it’s destiny.

    • Evolved Mommy

      Fate! You must have a keyboard for the iPad you are going to get. Good luck.

  21. Julie

    My school gave every employee an iPad2 this year! I love the portability and versatility of it. It is an amazing classroom tool!

    • Evolved Mommy

      Well that’s just awesome.

  22. I’m a super weather nerd and so I love all the pretty and colorful weather apps on iPad. It’s so easy to track storms and know what’s going on all the time

  23. I love that the iPad can do ANYTHING. ANYTHING AT ALL. Except wash my dishes… but give them time.

  24. Adrea

    My favorite thing about my iPad is that I can have several books with me in the car, airport, doctor’s office waiting room, anywhere without having to physically carry books with me. But I NEED a keyboard:)

    • Evolved Mommy

      Definitely. I don’t read on my iPad as much as I originally thought I would, but it is nice to have access to all my favorite websites on the go.

  25. I love that my 4 and 1/2 year old can get the ipad and climb into the crib of my almost two year old to keep him entertained with the pbs app on Saturday mornings while mommy and daddy wake up. :)

    • Evolved Mommy

      If I were giving an award for best use you’d win!!!

  26. Ginger Larsen

    I love all the apps for the Ipad! This would be so cool to have!

    • Evolved Mommy

      Me, too. I’m addicted to apps.

  27. Oooooo! I love my iPad so, so much. My favorite thing about it is how it travels to business meetings with me and works as such a fabulous presentation tool.

    • Evolved Mommy

      Yep. Fits in my purse. Do you carry a murse like Steve does?

  28. Ooh! This would be awesome! I love the iPad for FaceTime with grandparents and family far away. It’s easier for the kiddos to see on a big screen versus the phone, yet we can take it anywhere!

    • Evolved Mommy

      Agreed. I love Facetime when I’m traveling.

  29. I like the iPad because of its size/portability.

    • Evolved Mommy

      Definitely. That’s why this case is great.

  30. Honestly, the amazing clear screen and having all my reading material in one beautiful place.

  31. I love using my iPad in the kitchen. I have a stand I put it on and I use it for recipes while I’m cooking. The keyboard would be awesome though. I work from home on a desktop Mac. I don’t have a laptop, so this would be nice when I’m out of town.

  32. I don’t have an iPad (love my Kindle Fire too much to imagine straying), but my husband does, and he’s been making noises about needing a keyboard, so count me in. My favorite thing about his iPad is that it has resolved for once and for all our marital conflict over tv at bedtime. He props it up on his bedside table, pops in his earbuds, and watches netflix to his heart’s content while I doze off in blissful silence.

  33. I already like you on Fb! and I Love my IPad2, it is light and easy to take with me everywhere I go. I do not have a case nor a keyboard, I think my Ipad may be lonely and need these friends to join her.

  34. Kellee

    Like you I take my iPad everywhere! I love the bigger format & functionality. Glad to hear positive review regarding ZAGGfolio case iPad keyboard. I’ve been curiuos.

  35. Ooh, I’ve been wanting one of these for a while. I saw someone with something like this at WordCamp and thought it would be awesome (because yes, I own a desktop computer and have no laptop. So 20th century!).

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