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Evolved Mommy | November 11, 2019

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Favorite Findies week 51: 1Password to the Veggie Tales on Netflix #StreamTeam - Evolved Mommy

Favorite Findies week 51: 1Password to the Veggie Tales on Netflix #StreamTeam
Stephanie Funk

There’s so much fun packed into this one from the Kloons to the most popular podcast you may not know about to the tiniest Polaroid camera perfect for stuffing every stocking.

The Kloons on YouTube

(After you watch this one go look for the one where they visit the Ellen Show. So worth it.

The Serial Podcast

If you haven’t started Serial yet, that’s cool. No time like the present. Then… when you’re a couple episodes in let’s discuss.

And the subreddit

serial true detectives memeThis gift guide for men exactly like my husband

Gifts for guys who make fun of hipsters, but secretly covet all their cool stuff. 

Levenger Circa notebook system.

Dream notebook. The grown up version of the three ring binder, but even better because it’s not so bulky and rigid AND it looks grown up. You just add the parts and pages you want.

levenger circa notebooks.

Passion Planner on Kickstarter:

It’s already fully funded, though, so… nevemind. Keep it on your radar. This woman tried to raise $10k and ended up with $658k. Not bad, sister.

Passion planner kickstarter 2014


Because we all have waaaaay too many passwords to remember the 1Password app from Agile Bits (cute name, developer bros) is a GAME CHANGER. It’s a little spendy, but it syncs up with your phone, iPad and laptop.

When you come to or or your bank website where a login is required you just hit the spacebar and the backslash keys and MAGIC happens. 1Password logs you right in. Tiny laptop angels start singing. UHmazing.

OMG! This Tory Burch Smartphone wristlet $150

Tory Burch Jessica Smartphone wristlet

 And this Polaroid Cube camera $99

L’il cutie patootie that it is would make a PERFECT stocking stuffer… ahem… cough cough.

Polaroid Cube camera



Selfie Stick $20

Totally not weird at all

Take flattering selfies with this selfie stick


Veggie Tales on Netflix

There’s so much new content on Netflix lately (yes… we all know Gilmore Girls and Friends are there) that you may not have notice all new episodes of Veggie Tales called Veggie Tales in the House are now on Netflix. Our daughter’s favorite shows to binge watch are Wild Krats and Veggie Tales. I feel good about that.

Veggie Tales in the House new Netflix original series

The Christmas Hacks

The one is super weird and the second one doesn’t need to involve leftovers. Gross, The rest are totally worth watching.

That’ s it for now. What have you found? Share it with us by sending me an email stephanie (at) evolvedmommy (dot) com or leave a comments.