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Evolved Mommy | May 21, 2018

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Finally back to the beach four years later | Lifeproof case ready - Evolved Mommy

We are beach people. Steve loves to (try to) surf, I love the environment (the food, the sand, wearing sundresses everyday) and Charlie loves to talk about the beach even though she has never been.

We haven’t been to the beach, this place that we all obviously love, in over four years, though. We had a beach vacation planned to the gulf of Mexico two years ago and then BP dumped a bunch of junk in the ocean, so we went to Chicago

We are overdue.

But because I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a second to prepare for is trip. Usually I devote a solid month to planning. Stressing about absurd details, and worrying.

Last week Steve had to remind me we were going in a week.

The only thing I did to prepare was buy a Lifeproof case for my iPhone. I’ve heard three people mention this case, along with the fact that you can take it swimming and that it’s very slim.

None of our iPhones have ever had an OtterBox on the because i feel like the OtterBox looks like it belongs on a construction site. It completely ruins the beauty of the iPhone. And people are always talking about needing a new OtterBox. To be so tough looking, they sure don’t seem to hold up.


The Lifeproof case water test.
The case comes with instructions to submerge it under water for an hour before you put your iPhone in it just to make sure it is actually waterproof.
Go watch the videos on They are captivating.

It’s so nice and skinny.

If I can bring myself to actually et it wet I’ll post an update from our vacation. It could make for some awesome pictures.