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Evolved Mommy | November 11, 2019

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First Mother's Day - Evolved Mommy

First Mother’s Day

I have given birth to a beautiful, healthy blog this Mother’s Day. Of course, I’m still pregnant with an actual baby who should arrive sometime around Sept 5, 2009.
Today, though, I will spend the day with this new baby. For example, this morning I have learned how to add Twitter Links Plus (thanks to @webfadds and @tquizzle). This will allow me to mention Twitterers in my blog and readers can click the @username to go to that actual twitter account. It should also work in comments if I understand right. Please check me on this and if you find one that isn’t active let me know.
When you leave a comment be sure to leave your twitter username with the @ in front of it so others kind find you (if you’re cool with that).
FYI, my twitter is

Uh Oh! I just noticed comments don’t show at the end of my posts. They only show in the sidebar, and even there you have to click on one to get to the actual post. I guess that’s my next blog project for the day…