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Evolved Mommy | July 22, 2019

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Five Apps Every Teacher Should Have on the Homescreen of Their Smartphone - Evolved Mommy

Five Apps Every Teacher Should Have on the Homescreen of Their Smartphone
Stephanie Funk

Teachers, like most professionals, are very attached to their smartphones. There are a variety of apps that make a teacher’s job easier. However, there are some apps that every teacher should have on the homepage of their smartphones because of their usefulness and importance. While there are other apps that can make a teacher’s job easier and are content specific, there are some that every teacher should have easy access to on their smartphone.

iGradr ( – Teachers, regardless of the grade level they teach, spend a large amount of time grading papers. One of the most tedious parts of grading papers is determining the percentage and/or letter grade of each paper. Even with a class of thirty students, grading can take a long time. While the same results could be achieved with a calculator, this app determines the percentage and letter grade based on the scale you set. Most teachers prefer to have the grade break-down in one place, something a calculator simply can’t do. For ease and speed in grading, this app is a huge timesaver for all teachers.

Teacher Planner Lite (55 Degrees) – Most teachers are lost without their planner. This app replaces the paper planners most teachers carry with them. Having your plans, schedules, and notes on your phone makes it easier to access the information you need without having to fumble through a book looking for it. This app makes it easy to share your plans with substitutes, administrators, and teaching partners by making it possible for you to send planning information from your smartphone through Gmail right from the app. Designed by teachers, this app as everything a paper planner can offer in a convenient, smartphone-based format.

Tiny Flashlight LED (Nikolay Ananiev) – Having a flashlight on your smartphone is a good idea, but for a teacher it is an essential. There are a host of emergencies, from a power failure to needing to signal for help, that teachers can face where a flashlight could mean the difference between relatively calm children and utter chaos. Even if you are simply in need of a light to find something small on the floor, having a flashlight on your smartphone will save time and effort looking for a traditional flashlight. This app allows users to select the power level and intensity of light as well as different effects that can be selected. The effects can be used as a means of signaling for help or even as a signal in the classroom or cafeteria. In an emergency, darkness makes students more likely to panic so having a flashlight right on the phone makes it easier to calm them quickly and get the help needed as soon as possible.

Whistle on Andriod (YasuLab) – Whistles aren’t just for coaches and physical education teachers. Most teachers have a whistle on their keys or lanyard. Whether trying to get your students’ attention on the playground or trying to get their attention in a crowded, noisy cafeteria during dismissal, a whistle is a sound that students respond to quickly and automatically. It would also be important to have a whistle available during an emergency situation, such as an earthquake or building collapse, so help can find you and your students should you find yourselves trapped in the rubble. Additionally, a whistle app on your smartphone can allow others to use it without potentially sharing germs that my cling to the surface of a tradition metal or plastic whistle that goes into the mouth.

First Aid (American Red Cross) – Every teacher should have a good first aid application on their cell phone in case of an emergency. One of the best available is the official first aid application from the American Red Cross. This app offers videos, quizzes, and step-by-step instructions for administering first aid in an emergency situation. No teacher wants to have to administer first aid; but, by having this app available if the situation arises, you can feel confident that you will know how to best help someone in need of first aid.

Teachers, like most people, use their smartphones on a daily basis for a variety of tasks. However, there are some apps that every teacher should have on the homepage of their smartphone for safety and time management issues. By having these apps, teachers can utilize the technology available in their smartphones in order to better serve their students, better use the time they have grading and planning, and keep themselves and their students safe.

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