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Evolved Mommy | September 17, 2019

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Birth Plan? Oh That's Cute. - Evolved Mommy

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Photo by Indrarado (c)

Today I participated in a focus group. It was pretty much exactly like I had imagined it would be, complete with the one-way mirror thing you see in interrogation rooms on shows like CSI.

The focus group was women who had given birth in Northwest Arkansas in the last two years. I don’t know who was behind the study, but when I found out about it I thought, “why not.” Well, really it was the $75 and a chance to win a spa package that got me. Either way. I was there and I told my story and answered the abrupt lady’s questions.

I’ll spare you all the boring details and tell you the moral of my birth story is this:

You know how every baby/parenting magazine and website tells you to write your birth plan down? Be sure it’s on paper. Give it to your doctor and the hospital and the nurses.

Lemme just tell you that’s all well and good until you actually go into labor.

We arrived at the hospital with our birth plan, our pilates ball, our soothing music and our crazy expectations of a beautiful experience. We left with a healthy baby.

I think we had been there five minutes when I told the nurse I had a birth plan and asked if she wanted a copy. Her response was something to the effect of, “Ok. No thanks.” Her body language and tone said, “Oh great. A psycho granola lady. Awesome.”

When we got to our “Labor & Delivery” room I told the nurse there that I had a birth plan and her response was, “Ok honey.” followed by a giggle-ish sigh.

Honestly, what did I expect? That they would all cheer me on for my desire to have a natural, unmedicated delivery?

Well, yes. Kind of.

Oh well. We left with a healthy baby.