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Evolved Mommy | July 21, 2019

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Foodie Finds Friday

Five Foodie Finds for Friday [Guest Post]
Stephanie Funk

5 Foodie Finds for Friday

Hello EvolvedMommy peeps! I am a huge fan of Stephanie’s blog and am tickled pink that I am able to share my “five foodie finds for Friday” series with you all today. Because I know that Stephanie always brings something unique, fun, and interesting to the table, so am I. Today’s foodie-five are geared just for you.

1. Burger coasters.

Think you can only have grilled burgers when it is summertime? Now you can have burgers anytime you feel like. These adorable cardboard coasters feature six burger layers. The only down side is that they are not scratch-and-sniff.

2. Rest in grease spoon rest.

Look, we all need a spoon rest or two in our lives so why not have one that brings a smile to your face? Functional and fun, what more could you need? Yeah, it cracks me up, too.

3. Dapper drink markers.

I bet your friends all have those cutesy (aka boring) drink markers with the little charmed jewels. You are different, aren’t you? You want to stand out from the crowd. These easy-stick drink markers feature six different mustaches will do just that. Good price, too.

4. Canadian birch paper straws.

Earth Day is just around the corner and you have plans to host the greenest (and grooviest) outdoorsy-themed party, don’t you? These paper straws are an inexpensive conversation piece. Perfect for all those guests who decided they did not want a wine glass with a mustache. Who invited them, anyway?

5. Petit Saunier creme de caramel sauce.

Billed as “the French nutella,” the Petit Saunier is the crème de la crème of caramel sauces. Made with butter, salt, and cream and good enough to eat of the jar. Not that anyone would actually do that, I mean, c’mon.

Thanks for letting me stop by and interrupt your EvolvedMommy fix today. I hope you found these food-related finds a little out of the ordinary and something you would try. Every Friday I bring five more foodie finds over at my blog, nwafoodie. Hope to see you there someday!

Lyndi Fultz