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Evolved Mommy | October 20, 2019

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Gender Reveal TECH Style - Evolved Mommy

Gender Reveal TECH Style
Stephanie Funk

Because I’m so “old” we’ve been through a lot of extra tests with this pregnancy. One of them was the Harmony chromosome test at 11 weeks. Apparently, when they check the chromosomes from a simple blood draw they can also tell whether those chromosomes are XX or XY (boy or girl) very very early in your pregnancy.

When we told our friends and family a couple weeks ago that we are pregnant we decided to wait to tell them the gender. I don’t know why. Just for funnies.

But then it became too difficult to keep the secret and our daughter really wanted to know.

Being “old” and techy we knew a big gender reveal with balloons and / or cake a la Pinterest was not for us.

Instead we had our friend Precious design a cute iPhone wallpaper and we showed that to Charlie.


She can’t read so it had to be pretty obvious.

It's a girl iPhone gender reveal

Here’s what the graphic looked like…

Gender Reveal it's a girl

This is how we do 😉

We are super excited to share with you what we’re having and how Charlie found out. Just 159 sleeps to go.