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Evolved Mommy | April 20, 2015

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Giveaway: New Year New You

GIVEAWAY: New Year New You

| On 27, Dec 2013

UPDATE: Giveaway closed
Congrats to Brittany!

Check out Brittany’s blog and read her latest post about The Pioneer Woman’s stuffed mushrooms. Yum!

Have you joined a new gym yet? Because it’s time. Last January I ran 90 miles in a month. I’m not doing that this year, but it was a fun, butt-kicking goal. This year I may copy my friend Greta and shoot for 500 miles in 2014.

My friends at AT&T sent me a little something special to get us all going.

Leave a comment and I’ll pick a random person to send his and hers earbuds (it’s two pairs, not one you have to share… gross!)


yurbuds® Ironman Inspire Performance Fit Earbuds (for him)

yurbuds® Inspire Talk Small-Sized Earbuds (for her)

These in-ear buds are sweat- and water-resistant, allow for ambient noise awareness, and are guaranteed never to hurt or fall out (thank you “TwistLock technology”).

Both retail for $39 at AT&T stores and

Deadline to enter: Dec 31st at midnight (why not?)

Winner announced: New Years Day 2014!

Bonus entry:

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Are you making a health / fitness goal for 2014? What is it? Or what isn’t it?



  1. Elisabeth

    I signed up for your emails!

  2. Elisabeth

    I love that these are sweat resistant!

  3. Tina Lee

    Planning to detox and get back on a regular gym schedule in 2014!

  4. Cool! Would love these. I’m running my first marathon in March! :)

  5. Stephanie Olmsted (@acottagedream)

    Subscribe to emails

  6. Yurbuds are awesome.

  7. Stephanie Olmsted (@acottagedream)

    Eat healthy.. lots of fruits and veggies, whole foods. Exercise…. walking 10, 000 steps a day, 2 Zumba classes per week.

  8. MaryJane

    I would love to give these a try!!!

  9. Jenni

    Would love to win these! Great prize!!!

  10. Amanda Sudduth

    Would love to win these! For motivation. For me time. And just for fun!

  11. I need to get my running shoes back on. These would be great motivation.

  12. Need to win

    • Congrats Brittany! You won.ill email you in just a minute to get your address.

  13. Signed up!

  14. heather

    I am signed up for the newsletter and tips.

  15. heather

    I would love the ear buds for her.

  16. Stacy

    I would love to win the ear buds. I’m ashamed to say I don’t have any and they could be most helpful with my exercising goals for 2014! :)

  17. rayraycartucci

    These would be terrific for me!

  18. I would love to win a pair of yurbuds® Inspire Talk Small-Sized Earbuds! I have tried SO many earbuds and haven’t found a really great one yet…They’re a NEED TO HAVE for working out!

  19. Pick meeee!! I follow you too. Bonus entry? Check. Happy new year Stephanie!! Xoxo

  20. Heather Judd

    Those earbuds look awesome. I hope you have a great New Year…..

  21. Kara C.


  22. I just want and NEED to move in 2014!

  23. I got new walking shoes for Christmas, so ear buds would be a great compliment! Thank you.

  24. Tiff Haas

    I’ve never run a race and chris hasn’t run or exercised consistently in years, but we’re going to train for and run the hogeye together in march (ugh!). I’m looking forward to proving to myself I can do it, and seeing if I even like running (not to mention the muscle I’ll build and flab I’ll lose hopefully!) :)

  25. Carol Yemola

    I currently am recovering from a fall that left me with a broken hip and wrist. It will be a long haul back, but I am hoping to be at full speed by April. Just in time to take long outdoor walks. Can’t wait!

  26. Andrea Fritts

    I wanted to get these for my husband for Christmas, but didn’t get around to it. Pick me, pick me!

  27. Yay! You totally should copy me!!

  28. Stephanie! 90 miles in a month! Holy cow! I have not set my goals for 2014 yet. Need to get on that! Thanks for the chance to win these awesome earbuds! XO Ellie

  29. Karen

    Ear buds would be cool…. J would like them.

  30. woohoo! I want earbuds. Yes, I joined a gym 4 months ago. It’s awesome. but if it wasn’t so close to my home, I’d never go. My workout playlist totally pushes me to keep going.

  31. Shannon

    I’m working towards a 5K goal- I haven’t decided the number I want to accomplish but I know it’s at least one and not more than twelve :)

  32. Amy

    Yes, of course, I’ve got fitness goals. Who doesn’t?

  33. Those look like great earbuds.

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