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Evolved Mommy | July 21, 2019

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Want Your Pick of the Nerd Litter? - Evolved Mommy

Want Your Pick of the Nerd Litter?

Gizmodo Day Announcement

If you’ve longed to mate with a fabulously nerdy fella I’ve got the event for you!

Gizmodo Day

What is Gizmodo Day? It’s a day when all lovers of the website come together in their respective cities and talk about Apple products (remember, Gizmodo is the site that got in the middle of the mess with the stolen iPhone 4 prototype) and other computer technology as well as general gadgetry. It’ll be kind of like a TweetUp since most of the word is getting spread through Twitter, but it will be really guy-heavy. My guess is the Gizmodo demographic looks something like this:

  • Male: 93%
  • Female: 1%
  • Other: 6%

Our local Gizmodo Day is being organized by this amazingly hot guy named Steve. He’s tall, fit, bald and super funny. *swoon* (He’s totally my husband, so I’m a big dork).

This is what Steve had to say in a local article about the event:

“Although the Fayetteville meetup is still relatively small, it should still be a good time. We’re meeting up at The Perk on Wedington, so there’s coffee and munchies. If someone wants more than coffee to drink, Gusano’s is right next door,” he said.

McCratic said there isn’t necessarily an agenda to the meeting, but he is encouraging folks to bring their laptops, netbooks, iPads, and other gadgets to share.

“We’ll probably nerd it up with discussions about different gizmos and gadgets,” he said. “A buddy of mine that I’ve met through commenting on Gizmodo is setting up the San Diego meetup, so we may try to link up with them through FaceTime or Skype.”

The events are being held all over the place, so you can find one by going here if you’re interested. I’ll be sure to post lots of pictures. There’s bound to be some humorous awkwardness to document.

Oh, and we have STICKERS!

FYI, Gizmodo is a Gawker Media blog known for it’s up-to-the minute reporting on technology. The funny and sometimes entirely inappropriate reporting is obviously written for guys. I’m not really a reader, but Steve can’t live without it.