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Evolved Mommy | July 22, 2019

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Glamping Gadgets for the Reluctant Camper

Glamping Gadgets for the Reluctant Camper

If you consider Motel 6 camping, but your friends spend every weekend hiking the Ponca Trail, and swear you’re missing out on life this glamping gadgets post is for you.

Glamping: Going camping, but with glamour. A combination of the two words. It’s like regular camping, but with nicer things than usual, being warmer, and more comfortable. Glamping isn’t done by usual outdoor types who climb mountains.

– Urban dictionary

I am not outdoorsy. That’s not to say I don’t like the outdoors. I like them just fine. From the hammock swing on my front porch with a Fresca in a coozie, while I check Facebook or write blog posts on my laptop.

So here’s a list of must-haves for my iPhone addicted, Instagramming, bug fearing, blow drying sisters.

7 Must-have Glamping Gadgets

1. Above all else: The Portable, Packable Generator

You must have power. How on earth will you have Instagram-worthy hair in the photos that later prove you did in fact go camping?

Portable generators can be pricey (up to $1,000), but this Coleman EnergyPack is plenty of power and just $25.

coleman camping generator glamping gadgets

packable generator

If you think the blowdryer might be too much for your Chaco-wearing friends, be sure to pack dry shampoo. Spray it in, flip your head and shake it through. Voila! Return of the fluff.

2. Must. Have. Signal.: MiFi

You will thank me. Nobody wants to see your #latergram. Bo.ring. Put this little Verizon MiFi in your pocket, and you are now a walking signal. You’ll also be the hero of the party because multiple devises can connect. Haha suckers!

Verizon MiFi

Verizon MiFi

3. Tent Ceiling Fan? Check.

I live in Arkansas. It’s hot and muggy here. Who wants to sleep like that? This powerful little Coleman tent ceiling fan will keep you cool and fresh-ish throughout the night ($20). And the overhead light makes digging around in your tent less frightening.


tent ceiling fan and light  glamping gadgets

Coleman tent fan and light

4. Modern Version of the Walkie Talkie, aka “I will not be lost and alone in the woods. Ever.”

The Blair Witch Project really screwed me up.

Turn your iPhone into a walkie talking with the new free AT&T EPTT app. The service is an extra $5, and totally worth the fun. It’s like Twitter out loud.

iphone walkie talkie app

AT&T EPTT (Enhanced Push To Talk)

5. For the Bug Averse: The Suspended Tent

This thing is probably a gagillion dollars, and how the heck do you get it up there, but just wow. Want.

My biggest camping fear is bugs. Bugs crawling on my in my sleep, specifically. No thank you.

cocoontree tent glamping gadgets

Cocoon Tree Tent

6. When you chicken out: The Inflatable Car Bed

I once set up camp, complete with ceiling fan, inflated queen size mattress, down comforter and all, only to pack it up two hours later because the idea of bugs freaked me out.
Here’s your escape plan: The Inflatable Car Bed ($150). Just get in the car and sleep it out.

inflatable-car-bed-2 glamping gadgets

Inflatable car bed

7. The Ultimate Camping Cooler: The Yeti

This Yeti thing is super thick, so it keeps ice for days. And it has a bonus dry rack for anything you’d rather not get soggy, but needs to be kept cold. I consider it a new take on the old icebox.

If you only plan on going camping once, then make friends with someone who has one of these because they are an investment at $350. The good news is that they are built to last. Perhaps you can justify a Yeti by referring to it as an “herloom cooler”?

Fayettechill Yeti-cooler glamping gadgets

Yeti Cooler

What have I missed? Is there a camping version of the Keurig?

Photo credit: Lego camper photo