Casual Friday: Denim + Denim {Guest post}

Dressing for work can be a stressful thing, luckily for me pant suits and pencil skirts are not required uniform.  But for the not so lucky ones, you have “Casual Friday” to look forward to.
Some days at work when I’m feeling a little extra spunky, I will wear my tall heels and jewelry that sparkles.  But on days where I don’t want to get out of bed, comfort is my go-to.  Don’t worry, I don’t show up to work in sweat pants and house shoes (even though I wish I could).  Take a look at one of my favorite denim on denim outfits that is perfect for “Casual Friday.”
Simply Clairety
Claire is adorable every single day. If she wasn’t so nice it would be annoying
Not only is this outfit comfy and cozy, it was all purchased on a major budget.  Let’s start from the bottom.  Shoes are from Savoir Faire.  Jeans were only $10 from Forever 21.  I found the handbag on Haute Look, the brand is Moda Luxe. White Piko Tunic is from Savoir Faire, again.  This jean vest is one of my favorite pieces from Target this season. This fun coral necklace is from Riffraff.  Here’s a closer look…
Simply Clairety casual friday

OMG those eyes. Seriously. She’s lucky she’s nice.

Isn’t a fun piece? Adding this necklace and the gold flats make this a great transition outfit for spring.  Our weather has been a bit crazy, so if I needed to I could just switch out the gold flats for my favorite pair of riding boots.  Did I mention it was comfortable too?
Claire Meadors is the author of where she talks about crafts, fashion and thrifting. She has an absolutely incredible sense of casual, polished style. Claire is clever, insightful and caring. I just adore her. My favorite thing, though, is that she’s beautiful without even a hint of pretention, which in and of itself is a little bit annoying.

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