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Evolved Mommy | April 28, 2015

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Holiday Giveaway: P. Allen Smith Colonial Wreath - Evolved Mommy

Holiday Giveaway: P. Allen Smith Colonial Wreath

| On 16, Nov 2012

This giveaway is closed


You won the wreath. Check your email for a message from me and reply within the next 24 hours.

Y’all know I just adore my friend P. Allen Smith for being a gracious host. The way he treats every visitor as if they were the most important person to ever step across his threshold is inspiring to someone like me, who tends to forget to offer company so much as a glass of water.

Allen doesn’t do anything halfway, certainly not holidays. You should see his Moss Mountain farm when it is dripping in holiday decor!

And because Allen knows every holiday host or hostess needs a fresh wreath (and by fresh I mean made of real tree parts, not stinky faux pine needles) he’s created a whole collection of REAL Christmas wreaths. Never in my adult life have I had a real wreath.

Colonial Wreath by P. Allen Smith

20″ Colonial Wreath by P. Allen Smith

About the wreaths:

The P. Allen Smith Holiday Wreath Collection is returning to stores just in time for the holidays. Allen has partnered with his friends at the Berry Family of Nurseries to supply the freshest, sustainably harvested Noble Fir boughs from the Cascade Mountains in western Oregon. His attention to detail, from hand-selecting the limbs to hand-tying the greenery and ornaments, ensures a lush, high-quality product that will last throughout the season.

About the original Colonial Collection:

Simply styled with crabapples and pinecones with cedar and juniper accents, this collection makes a decidedly harvest-inspired statement.

The Giveaway:

To make sure your home is appropriately trimmed, Allen is generously giving a 20″ signature Colonial wreaths to one of my lucky readers.

To enter:

Comment below and tell me where you will put this wreath.

Giveaway open to U.S residents 18 years and older.  A winner will be announced on Thanksgiving day.

For additional entries:

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Email this giveaway to your friends (be sure to cc


In case you don’t win:

You can purchase the P. Allen Smith Holiday Collection of wreaths at and, as well as independent garden centers across the country.




  1. Meisha woods

    On my black Maibu car showing hoilday fun and sprit for the entire season .

  2. Amy Orvin

    I’d put this wreath on the front door.

  3. I too have never owned “real” wreath, although we do cut evergreen boughs for our advent candles. I would put this right on my NEW front door! (old house, new door) and display it proudly.

    I also liked you on facebook for an additional entry :)

  4. Stephanie O

    I would hang it on my front door.
    shuttermom77 at gmail dot com

  5. Patricia Houston

    I would be so happy to win this beautiful wreath. I would put it over my fireplace in the living room.

  6. Amy Davis

    I would put the wreath on my front door. Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. I would put this wreath in the entry way to the kitchen where myself and everyone that comes to visit would be able to enjoy it.

  8. Martha M. Wilson

    This lovely wreath belongs on my front door to welcome family and friends!

  9. Sue Neth

    I’ll put the wreath on my front door for everyone to see.

  10. Marge Woods

    We have a lovely front door and this would be a perfect decoration for Christmas. We could enjoy looking at it when outside and the scent when we open the door.

  11. Lucinda Jane

    I would hang it on my hutch and this way I can enjoy the wreath as much as guest coming to the front door. I love the smell of fresh evergreens.

  12. I like you on Facebook.

  13. I would put this on my front door. Right now it’s nekked.

  14. Deborah Tabor

    Subscribed to the Evolved Mommy newsletter

  15. Deborah Tabor

    Just “Liked” Evolved Mommy on facebook

  16. Deborah Tabor

    We recently painted our front door red (from boring white). I’ll hang it on the front door and KNOW it’s gonna look gorgeous against the red!!

  17. Judy Drew

    On my son’s front door, so my new Grandchildren adopted from Ghana( twins and their younger brother ) can see it, and start their Christmas traditions !!

  18. Linda H

    The front of my house. So beautiful!

  19. Judy Roberts

    I’m not sure right now where I would put it, on the front door, for all too enjoy. The back of my front door or mantel for my family to enjoy, there are many possibilities… I would love the opportunity tho. P. Allen Smith is a gracious host and wonderful caring person. I wish you and yours a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

  20. Lynn Love

    I would hang on my front door or in my dining room window where I could smell the aroma.

  21. This would go inside our living room over the mantel.

  22. Janet Grimes

    I would give it to my son to hang on his front door of his first new house

  23. Linda Helmick

    I would love to put this beautiful wreath on our front door. Thanks.

  24. Freida Sage

    I would hang this beautiful wreath on the outside of my back door. While it is gorgeous and most would expect a wreath this beautiful to be on the front entrance to the home, most everyone enters our home through the back door so that is where it would be the most appreciated.

  25. Kim cates

    I would hang it above my new French doors between my living room and dinning room

  26. I would proudly hang the wreath on my front door.

  27. I already follow you and get your newsletter, so here’s my comment… I would slap that bad boy up on my front door! First, I’d sweep away the cobwebs and toss out the jackolanterns that are looking like great uncle Sam who never wore his dentures… THEN it would be holiday-ready! :)

  28. Svetlana Ramirez

    I will hang it on the front door. So pretty it will cheer everyone coming in. :)

  29. I have the perfect spot for a wreath over my mantle. I’ve been looking for something cool to put there. Ps-I already like you on FB and subscribe. Either that, or you keep spamming my inbox!

  30. Carol Yemola

    This wreath would be placed on my front door for all of my holiday guests to see!

  31. Carla Hollingsworth

    I would put it on the front of my house, right by the front door.

  32. Just enterd mrs myers givaway”!

  33. Lori Getter

    I would put it on my back door – the door that all my friends and family use that goes straight to the kitchen to enjoy some christmas treats and holiday cheer!

  34. Jenny

    And i like you on fb too.

  35. Jenny

    I also subscribed to email newsletters

  36. Jenny

    On our inside door. Right now our door is looking pretty bare :)

  37. Holly Person

    Beautiful wreath!!!
    It would be beautiful on my front door…:)

  38. Holly Person

    Beautiful wreath..!!! Would look great on my front door:)

  39. Martha M. Wilson

    I would love to have a beautiful fresh wreath to put on my front door. It would be the perfect way to welcome people to my home for the holidays!

  40. Jackie Isler

    This wreath is perfect for my front door!

  41. I like you on Facebook.

  42. I would hang it up on my front door.

  43. I would love to hang it on my house in between my two front windows. It is beautiful!

  44. Cindy Hickling

    This wreath would look great on my front door.

  45. Georgia Popp

    I would hang this gorgeous wreath over the mantle on an outdoor fireplace. It would give the stone work some festive color!

  46. Cameron Polmanteer

    I would put this beautiful wreath on the grille of my station wagon so everyone I pass by can admire it



  48. Edwina Walton

    On the front door of my new “cabin in the woods” home I have waited for for 40 years.

  49. Pat Stiller

    I would love to have a beautiful wreath for my front door. It really needs something to dress it up.

  50. Julia Hodges

    I would put the wreath on my front door.

  51. Virginia Hoskins

    My living room

  52. Virginia Hoskins

    This wreath would be put in my dining room.

  53. Misha

    I would hang it from my front door!

  54. Dee Lauffer

    I would hang it on an old wooden wheel barral ! ! ~

  55. Linda TAylor

    I like Evolved mommy on FB

  56. Linda TAylor

    I would have it on my door

  57. Kim Kirkman

    Love this! Use a part of a table centerpiece on my reclaimed wood table.

  58. Mary

    I would put this on my fron door but, on the inside.

  59. Wouldn’t this wreath look wonderful on the front of my house?

  60. carol

    Of I am lucky enough to win this beautiful wreath. it will go right on my front door for all to see.

  61. Pamela Kuntz

    I would either hang it on our outside wall besides our front door, or I would hang it on my youngest daughter’s front door. She is a single mother and it spice up her house!

  62. Laura

    I would hang it on my antique carved front door.

  63. I would put it on the door to our foyer. I was just thinking last night that I would love to find a beautiful wreath for that door. This is a very beautiful one!

  64. Kathryn

    The huge green wreath will go in the large front framed picture window, hanging above the outside, old white bench.

  65. Stephanie Winchester

    I love the thought of a “fresh” wreath instead of my artificial greenery. We just installed a fire pit on our back deck, screened porch area. The wreath would be a beautiful addition!

  66. Love this giveaway! I would totally send this to my parents because my Mom loves her some holiday decorations and I am so pitifully lacking in that department…

  67. Susan Bariola

    I would love to put this wreath on my baby’s nursery door. I’m having Baby Jack on Dec. 21 and his room connects to our master bedroom. So many visitors will be able to admire the beautiful piece! Would be so proud to win it!

  68. If won I will a) paint my front door and b)clean off the front porch – wreath = inspiration!

  69. I would hang on the wall next to the dining room table. Or above the mantle. Or maybe I would get crazy and hang it in my bedroom. Yes, that would make me happy..

  70. I would love to hang this wreath on the exterior door that I use to enter my house…the smell of fresh pine would be so inviting and really set the Christmas spirit in the house!

  71. I would love to hang this on my front door! This is my 2nd Christmas in this house, and I’ve still not managed to find a wreath for Christmas. This one is just beautiful!!!

  72. this will look great in my sunroom where my tree goes. I love the traditional look of it.

  73. Amy Patton Rudolph

    I love your friend P. Allen Smith! His taste is impeccable. I’d put it on the front door.

  74. Amy Patton Rudolph

    I love your friend P. Allen Smith! His taste is impeccable.

  75. R M Jackson

    I would suspend the wreath in front of a large round mirror I have in my entryway so everyone entering my home could enjoy it.

  76. I do believe I just might do a winter version of May Day…and leave it as a surprise for someone who could use a little cheer…

  77. I’m also already a subscriber!

  78. I’m already a follower!

  79. I would love to have it to hang on my pantry door in my kitchen!

  80. Shannon

    I’m hosting my families Christmas for the first time ever. I’ve waited 13 for it to be MY turn. I think this wreath would be the perfect back drop in my dining room with my dinner table (2 really)set for 18+

  81. I would hang a wreath on my mom’s front door. She loves holiday decorating!

  82. I like Evolved Mommy on FB!
    amy eidson clark

  83. I subscribe via email!

  84. I would either hang it next to my front door or over my fireplace! Or on my living room picture window. So many choices! It’s beautiful!

  85. Babbie Ferguson

    Hanging it on the front door would be beautiful. Our guest come in the back door which leads thru the kitchen. I believe that would be the proper place to hang it so all who enter could enjoy.

    the kitchen. I would hang it there so everyone could enjoy its beauty.

  86. Babbie Ferguson

    It would be beautiful hung on the front door, but our friends come thru the back door. I think that’s the place for it to hang so everyone can enjoy its beauty!

  87. This wreath would give my dining room some pizazz!

  88. I’d proudly display it on my front door.

  89. On my naked front door. Pick me, need some festive fun from P. Allen.

  90. On the front door. I didn’t know there was anywhere else to put it ;)

  91. Amy James

    I’d hang it over my mantle. Pick me!!

  92. In my kitchen!! Pick me :)

  93. Amy Orvin

    Liked Evolved Mommy on Facebook as Amy Orvin

  94. Amy Orvin

    Email subscriber as

  95. Amy Orvin

    I’d put this wreath on my front door.

  96. I would hang it from my livingroom window. it’s my fave place to sit.

  97. evolvedmommy

    Hilarious! I’ve never been witness to real wreath making. Maybe you should try it and invite us all over.

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