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Evolved Mommy | October 20, 2019

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Hometown Pride™ | Graham Gordy - Evolved Mommy

In a recent post on Arkansas Times, the online version of Arkansas’ favorite politics and culture publication,  Graham Gordy published a list of proposed (tongue-in-cheek) city slogans. Now, if you are not from or currently living in Arkansas move along. This is going to be meaningless.

However, if you’ve spent more than a day anywhere in this state click the link below and read the entire list. You won’t want to stop. Here are a few of my favorites:

Brinkley — “You have to pee somewhere on the way to Memphis.”

Bryant — “Because Benton was getting all uppity.”

Cabot — “You got robbed in Little Rock too?”

Camden — “No, you’re thinking of Warren.”

Gordy prefaces the post by saying: “I wonder if there is any place in the union that possesses more unified pride than our fair state. Is there a state that you can drive, border-to-border, and find more residents with the name emblazoned across their chests?”

Surely not.






Hometown Pride™ | Graham Gordy | Arkansas news, politics, opinion, restaurants, music, movies and art.

Disclaimer: Do not take offense to the proposed slogan for your current or former city of residence. Gordy uniformly insults the entire state. It’s nothing personal.