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Evolved Mommy | July 21, 2019

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How Online Games Teach Kids to Stand up to Bullies - Evolved Mommy

How Online Games Teach Kids to Stand up to Bullies
Stephanie Funk
Guest post

One of the worst things in the world is when you find out that your kid is being bullied. There is nothing worse than seeing the ones you love feeling hurt and upset. Nevertheless, bullying is unfortunately a common occurrence amongst young children and is thus part of growing up for most. The best thing you can do as a parent is to teach your child to be strong, to help them overcome their hurt and to allow them to get on with their lives without the bullies even mattering. But how can you do that? Unfortunately there is no magic formula. Nevertheless, there are several little things which may help, and one of these things is online gaming. Encouraging your child to play games online is something which can help them to stand up to bullies and to feel more confident within themselves. Read on to discover exactly how…

Games are all about overcoming the odds

Games are all about overcoming the challenges and obstacles which are in your way in order to win the game. Take Ben 10 Ultimate Alien for example. In Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, Ben has to overcome all evils in order to win the game.

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A little boy defeating aliens and alike is something which displays that anyone can win no matter what challenges are put in their way. There are other games which showcase this; like Jerry – the mouse, defeating Tom – the cat, in the Tom and Jerry series and consequent games. This concept is something which will inspire your child and will give them the courage to belief that they are better than those bullies, that they don’t have to care about what the bullies say and that they can overcome this tough time in their life.

Online games breed happiness and confidence

When your child wins a game they will feel positive about themselves; happiness and a sense of confidence will be felt. This is something which they will carry with them into other walks of life as well. After spending an hour or so playing games and focusing their attention on something else, your little one will have a different outlook on things. The horrible bullying which was dominating their thoughts previously will seem less significant now. Instead, the worry will be replaced with happiness. This will put your child in a better mood and make them feel more confident when it comes to facing the day which lies ahead.

Games allow children to channel their anger and frustration

When your child comes in from school and they are feeling stressed and frustrated they need an effective way to channel this and let their negative emotions out. There are games which involve defeating the enemy and alike. These games are extremely effective because they allow your child to get out their anger and channel the hurt that they are feeling. This clears their mind and makes them feel rejuvenated. They will feel better when it comes to tackling the bullies the next day, rather than feeling like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders.

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If your child is experiencing bullying then try to help them by suggesting different activities which can build their self esteem and channel their emotions effectively. Playing online games is a great way of doing this and thus is something which you should certainly suggest.


Author bio – 

CJ is a freelance journalist. She used Cartoon Network and games such as Ben 10 Ultimate Alien in order to research for this article.