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Evolved Mommy | June 24, 2019

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How to spend less on baby equipment - Evolved Mommy

How to spend less on baby equipment Charlie feeding dogs from her highchair Black bugaboo Chicago
Stephanie Funk

Sometimes it just isn’t better to have the more expensive things. You know the one area of life this seems to be surprisingly true? Baby equipment!

Before I had a baby or was even pregnant I knew I wanted a Bugaboo stroller because I had seen a fleet of them on the Ellen Show and they were fabulous! Somehow the Bugaboo was modern, but with a nod to antique prams. Swoon!

All I needed was a baby.

Naturally, the first big baby equipment purchase I made was a bugaboo. In the end it cost about the same as the delivery of the actual baby. And, you know what else? It was stylish, yes. But it was a pain in the arse. To fold it down you have to separate it into two pieces and fold down the base. On a cold winter day in a Target parking lot with a screaming baby this is infuriating.

Black bugaboo Chicago

Okay, it is a really, really good looking stroller

I also had to have a fancy high chair. You know why? Because I am terminally unique. That’s why. For the love of Pete! I mean, Charlie looked adorable in the ultra-modern boon highchair. But, again, pain in the arse! I still have to have Steve fold it down (not that we use it anymore or ever did very often).

Then there’s the carseat, which was a Chicco (I actually really liked this except it was soooooo heavy) and the umbrella stroller, which had to be a Maclaren. Guess what? I can’t fold that down either and have had more than one cussing fit in the mall parking lot. I don’t know why it always seemed to give me trouble at the mall, but that parking lot is very windy and fighting with a stoller while my hair is in my face is less than ideal.

Maclaren stroller, Chicco Car Seat, Boon Highchair

Clockwise: Maclaren umbrella stroller, Chicco car seat/infant carrier, Boon high chair

But we don’t have a baby anymore. We have a three year old, so why am I venting about our baby equipment? These seem like delayed first-world things to be bitching about.

Well, Evenflo sent me some baby equipment to review and it occurred to me as I was assembling all of it (play yard w/ bassinet, carseat/stroller combo, and high chair) in less time than it used to take me to get the Bugaboo in the car, that perhaps I had made my life too complicated.

Baby equipment without the cussing

One of the reasons we don’t have more than one kid is because it was so freaking exhausting to exist on a daily basis. Now, that isn’t all because of our fancy, high-dollar baby equipment. That would be ridiculous assumption.

It is, however, worth noting that these things Evenflo sent me are UNFATHOMABLY easy to use. And really cute.

Evenflo purple polka dot play yard bassinet

Evenflo bassinet/play yard + two bichons


The only problem is that once Charlie saw them, she squealed, “Am I getting a baby?!”

Purple play yard

What’s under there?

No, punkin. Not that we’re aware of.

Evenflo pack n play

She looks like a GIANT!

“Well, okay. Can I get in there.”

Evenflo foldable compact highchair

She had to try every single piece of baby equipment

Why not.

Evenflo purple polka dot stroller

Seriously. She would not get out.

My picky eater of a three-year-old ate more in that high chair than she has in the last 24 hours.

Charlie feeding dogs from her highchair

I mean… she REEEEEEEALLY would not get out of the Evenflo highchair

Also, worth noting for any of you who are expecting your first: look how big she is! All of that fancy baby equipment is necessary for less than one year. Maybe, just maybe it is smarter to spend a couple hundred dollars than a couple thousand.

Charlie's hands

Her hands are still the cutest little baby hands ever

All of these items from Evenflo cost less than half what I spent on my Bugaboo alone. That’s ridiculous. And excessive. And really, mostly embarrassing.

What’s the most ridiculous thing you bought for your baby?