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Evolved Mommy | July 21, 2019

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The Ice Bucket Challenge - Evolved Mommy

  • On August 18, 2014

It’s hard to view your Facebook or Twitter feed right now without coming across someone who has participated in the #icebucketchallenge.  You take a short video of yourself being doused with a bucket of ice water and then challenge three others to do the same.  The idea is that if you receive the ice bucket challenge, but don’t want to submit to a quasi polar bear plunge, you make a donation to the ALS charity of your choice.

Hopefully most of the people that do take the bucket of frigid water over their heads still make a donation, as we’ve seen some BIG names taking part.  What we haven’t seen as much of is how ALS affects those afflicted with it, and those that love them.

I recently heard that someone here in Northwest Arkansas, someone that I know won her battle with ALS.  I’m choking up as I write this because in the ALS community, “winning the battle” means not having to fight anymore, not having to be afraid and not having to suffer.

Kim Pijanowski

Kim Pijanowski

Kim Pijanowski, like many ALS sufferers was young.  She left behind a husband and young son.  She maintained a blog that served as a personal insight to her own experience with ALS.  Her husband took over when she could no longer write.  It’s a huge eye opener to how this disease can ravage one’s everyday life as it works toward its end, which is always the same.  His most recent post is beautifully written, but hard to read.  I’ll forgo any further description and let you read it yourself.  Grab some tissue and go read The promise of a life lived well.