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Evolved Mommy | November 19, 2019

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Google+ Hangout Monday 8pm CST: Influencers and Brands - Evolved Mommy

Google+ Hangout Monday 8pm CST: Influencers and Brands
Stephanie Funk

If you have a blog or a bit of an audience on any one social media channel you’ve probably received at least one pitch from a brand. Sometimes the brand wants you to share about their latest product, sometimes they want you to tell their story. You may have even been invited to an event.

After the initial excitement of that first pitch, you’re probably now somewhere in the land of…

“Good grief! Get out of my inbox. I’m not going to talk about your tampons on my food blog, and especially not just for the honor of doing it. I work hard for my blog and my audience. Plus, I’m so freaking busy and barely have spare time to even write the stuff I want to write. But maybe I should do it. Maybe it will lead to something lucrative down the road.”

Or maybe you’ve been approached to guest blog on a brand’s blog for actual money. You may even be getting relevant pitches for great product reviews. Or maybe you have a product your passionate about and you want to know how to pitch a brand.

Arkansas Women Bloggers Country Outfitter

Attendees at the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged 2012 conference wearing boots they received from Country Outfitter

Influencers and Brands: Monday 8pm CST

CLICK HERE to RSVP & Join the Hangout

This Monday the super fun Nicole Wakelin ( @nicolewakelin ) of Total Fan Girl and senior editor of GeekMom and I will talk about how we are navigating the influencer + brand issue. Nicole regularly receives demo cars from auto manufacturers to review. In fact, we met at an event OnStar sent us to in Detroit where we got to drive a car like we stole it and listen in on actual OnStar calls.

I have been blogging about tech and gadgets since 2008, getting regular pitches to host events, attend events, review products, give away products and share about apps. Currently, I work with Netflix, Target, OnStar and others. In 2012 I joined the team at Country Outfitter as a full time employee on the other side of the pitch, working with over 500 bloggers, including the Pioneer Woman and many of you on a review / giveaway program and inviting bloggers to guest post on the Country Outfitter blog, so I get both sides of the experience.

Topics we will cover in the Hangout:

  • What are best practices?
  • What is your audience and time worth?
  • How to get and keep the best brand partners?
  • How to stand out in the crowd of bloggers

This will be a fun, casual, safe environment to ask the questions you really want to. If you have a great experience or tip be sure to share that with the group as well.

We also want to help all of you build stronger and larger communities and audiences, so share your blog and/or social media links in the comments below and at the Hangout. Connect with each other.

Nicole and I wanted to do this together because our communities have very little overlap, and we thought it would be fun to bring two unique groups together.

Will you be joining us?

RSVP here:

CLICK HERE to RSVP & Join the Hangout


Connect with each other beforehand by sharing your blog and social networks below. Also, we need a hashtag. If you have an idea please please please share it below.